Sunday, 15 November 2015

Not Another Grey Day (sigh)

very dark clouds scudding along, a blustery wind. We did have rain during the night, but it had cleared by this morning.

Veggies etc prepped for tonight supper, beef sitting in a red wine marinade.

I striped the bed, sheets etc are on the line, blowing in the wind, keeping an eye out for any rain, even a quick blast on the line will do.

DB is driving me demented, we are going to the town tomorrow, he has his last INR at the surgery and we need to go to the library, Morrison and Lidl. I was just sorting out the apple crumble when he came through and said he could not find the small blue wallet with his library card and driving license in. If I had a £1 for every time I have had to look for it I would be living in luxury in the West Indies. I had to stop what I was doing and start searching. When did you last have it? when we went to register with the new Dr. Is it in your coat or trouser pocket? No I think something went down the back of my chest of drawers.....aarrgghhhh to get down the back of his chest I had to move another cupboard and dismantle the shelf unit on his chest, was it down the back?? No!!! it was a b....y bookmark.

He disappeared, think he thought I was about to swing for him, he wasn't wrong, my hands were mentally gripping his throat, red haze in front of the eyes!! 

I was putting everything back when there was a call from the kitchen....I found it, I would have bashed my head against the wall if I could have reached it. Where was it??? On the back seat of the car!! he must have chucked it there when we came away from the Drs surgery with the other stuff and forgot to pick it up. It is now residing in my purse with mine!!

I now have a stress headache, so I am going to do his trick and retire to bed!!


  1. Mercy! It does seem that most med lack the "find-it" gene but that does take the cake. Why chuck the wallet away when your clothing has multiple pockets????? It's a mystery that wears thin over time. Hope your headache is gone by now.

    It's a cold sunny morning here and first thing I discovered is that either a mouse tore thru the bread wrapper and nibbled the top of several slices of bread as a cat slept about a foot away OR the cat did it. That's our mystery du jour but I'm betting on the cat since it was the tops of the bread slices that were eaten. The cat maintained her innocence, of course.

    Big hugs!

  2. My hubby would have to look for it himself! Looking for lost stuff drives me mental.

  3. He needs a "man bag" to put all of his things in.....


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