Sunday, 1 November 2015

Just Waiting

for phone calls to see if DB is coming home or not. Despite saying they were going to move him, he is still on the same ward. I have no plans to go in  and visit today. I was told to ring back after 12 noon and see what decisions have been made. I would really prefer that he stays another night, 2 days clear of dizzies are better than one, although the Dr. did say we just have to put up. I am quite tired, its the first time I have driven any distance since I had my pacemaker put in. Did not sleep too well last night either, Woke early but managed to get another hours sleep before I got up for something to eat and a drink.

Very foggy first thing, its cleared away and is not a lovely day. Sun is shining and the laundry I did over night is out on the whirly, hopefully drying. I need to hear about DB so I know whether I need to change the bed. If he is nor coming today, I will leave it and do it in the morning when I clean the bedroom.

Some chicken out for supper, DB will have bananas and ice cream for dessert.

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  1. I hope DB is kept in hospital for another day, that they get him up and moving to see if the dds or another collapse will happen again. It will be good to know what you need to do with the rest of your day, too, so hope you got definite news when you phoned back as instructed.

    Perhaps since the day isn't so lovely, you can have a Nana nap and then sew a bit or read?

    Wishing you and DB well.



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