Thursday, 26 November 2015

Its Quilting Day Again!!

Fingers crossed nothing happens this week, although DB has been complaining about a 'runny' tummy, however he has been eating fruit twice a day for the last few days.

Everything is ready to go. The 'sitter' should be here about 1.30 I will ring and check he is here, I have told DB to go to bed if he does not feel well, there is nowt I can do anyway, I an not giving up the group.

It was a fine morning but them it clouded over. Have prepped supper, beef stew I just have to do the dumpling to cook on the top of the stew. Carrots, calebrese and green beans to go with it. I gave DD2 my pressure cooker and got a microwave one from Lakeland, some stuff it cooks ok, but the stew seems to be a different matter, its been in for 40 minutes so far......

Back later..................

No frantic phone calls whilst I was out, but I have just got back having taken him to the surgery, more moaning about his gut. I had just had enough. He has to sent a sample for histology, see if they can grow anything on it. He has also come out with blood pressure pills, his BP was through the roof again. I hate driving in the dark, but I had no choice, could not put up with any more moaning.

The Christmas meeting is off, only 4 ladies would be available, I just cannot be bothered. Today there was no sewing done by the girls, just demos about sashing and binding, by the time I had finished it was tea time, I packed my stuff up and we just stood around talking till it was time to go home.

I was hoping for a lie in tomorrow, no such luck DB has to go back to the Drs for a blood test and get his BP checked. He has also got to go back and see the Dr next Tuesday....... I think we should have taken our beds to the surgery. Not happy.


  1. Fingers crossed DB does fine today so you can have carefree fun with your quilting group.

    We don't do meat in the microwave because it seems to make the meat tough but perhaps your pressure microwave dish won't do that. We cook our stews in the slow cooker (after searing the meat in a pan or on the stove in a heavy pot.

    It's Thanksgiving here so eggs are on to hard boil and I'm about to start the sweet potato casserole. The weather is lovely, too.


  2. So sorry about the continues gut bothers for DB. Hide the fruit and give him some PeptoBismol or do y'all not have those lovely pills or the disgusting pink liquid there? The yucky pink liquid Pepto has made such an impression on generations of Americans that everyone knows in an instant what shade of pink is meant by Pepto Pink. Ick!

    Bless your heart about all that you're having to deal with. Hope there is a simple remedy to end the moaning and groaning. Perhaps, too, DB needs some yoga or calming exercises to help keep his BP down. Getting upset about his own gut isn't helping his BP.

    The corn pudding has been made as have two pumpkin pies and the sweet potato casserole. I am tired.

    Big hugs!

  3. Sorry to read of DB's issues with his gut. I know he has different problems than my partner, however, last year at this time my partner was having radiation treatments for his prostate, good news he is now cancer free. But, after the treatments he was having "wet farts" Sorry TMI LOL, a visit to his Dr revealed an easy and non medical way to calm his tummy and bowels.... probiotic yogurt, we have a product here call Activia worked wonders. We both have five (5) tablespoons full with our wf's since using it for nine months......worth a try.



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