Sunday, 29 November 2015

I Got a Lie In Yay!!

Yesterdays lie in happened this morning, I was still asleep when DB got up, so I got breakfast in bed. It was after 10am before I finally made it out of bed. Not a good night, painkillers taken, but still a disturbed night.

Bed linen washed and put out on the line, it was blowing a hoolie and  gone very dark, so I went out and got it in. In the process I dropped the end of the duvet cover in the grass and then to make matters wore trod on it........its back in the washer, will have to take its chance on the airer in the sewing room, not putting the dryer on, there is enough heat in the house to dry it off.

Supper prepped, some of the beef from the other week plus frozen yorkies, butternut squash, roast spuds, carrots and green beans.

I made a treacle sponge last night so the remains will be dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am just finishing sorting through the bits I brought back from the quilting group. A largish bag to go for rubbish. Several lots of dress fabric and some quilting fabric that needs ironing when I iron the bed linen. Also sorted out the file that was with the stuff, one or two useful bits in there too.

Weather is horrid again, its very windy and has not started to rain again, hope its better on Wednesday, am taking DD2 to Ikea at Nottingham.

I have just looked at the list for winter fuel payments, If you are married over pensionable age and your spouse is UNDER 80 you get £300. If your spouse is over 80 you only get £250!!! How do you work that out then???? We usually get it in November, but no sign of it coming yet, waiting for the letters.


  1. We've had ours this last week, £100 each. I didn't think it was as much as £300. I know it used to be £250 but the govt reduced it to £200. So don't know where the figure of £300 came from.

  2. I got £200 the last 2 years but have no had a letter yet, if it arrives it will be a bonus. It does help.


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