Monday, 2 November 2015


DB arrived home around 5pm last night. He has had a bit of a 'bitty' day, a couple of rests in bed, but he seems to be ok now. Its
 a nightmare getting him to drink, he has been told he has to keep himself hydrated.

He has been recommended to have a pacemaker fitted after having an AV oblation, where they burn out the piece of the sinus node that is causing the problem and then put in a pacemaker so the heart beats regularly.

DS2 has been, we now have half a pallet under the wood in the coal house, the rest is either sawn up or chopped for the fire. The curtain is up in the hall, so that should make a big difference to the warmth in there and he has also put the tie back hooks on for me. Measurements have been taken for the fence and gate at the side of the house. It will be a while before it gets done though. He also moved the sentry box along so I can walk round on the slab rather than having to tread on the new grass.

I am shattered this evening, have been busy all day, delivering meals on trays to the bedroom and then tonight cooking for all of us. DS2 elected to stay for supper, so egg, chips, beans and lemon sponge. Busy day tomorrow too, I have my neice coming for lunch, so soup and sandwiches on the menu.

Its been a nasty day, the fog never really lifted, so I have had to dry the bed linen in the dryer, could not face having wet laundry hanging about.

The library van came this afternoon, it will only come once more before Christmas, then in stead of coming once every 4 weeks it will be once per calender month.


  1. Cheers that DB is home, that you didn't have to collect him, AND that there are no steps to get to the bungalow bedroom!!!!

    Am happy that DS2 was of so much help again. Did he bring his new friend?

    Hope you can reserve Wednesday to sleep in and to rest.

    Big hugs!

  2. Sending hugs and hope you take care of yourself. You sound rushed off your feet!

  3. Glad to hear that you have DB home again - sending love xx


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