Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hmmmm now we have rain

Not so cold this morning, it started to rain just after we got up, its forecast to last the day.

Bad end to my sewing yesterday afternoon, I had put the binding on another mat, just cleaned off the edges and managed to cut through the binding at the top of the mitre, so its going to have to all come undone and be done again. I am going to have to join the binding to have enough to do the last mat grrrrrr.............

DB went down to the Post Office, we are going to Aldi  tomorrow I needed some cash.

He is still doing his jigsaw but only spending an hour at a time on it, then switching to do something else. On his way back from the post office he stopped to talk to a chap who has been building an extension, he came home for the barrow, he has been given a load of bricks which will help to extend the path round the shed. There will be more later.

Saw B as she was on her way out to do some shopping, P's foot is not any worse, but the medication is creating havoc with his stomach, poor chap. B was with her son who lives in Spain, she tells me his is coming back to live in England next year. Thats a blessing there will be someone who will be able to keep an eye on her. Their other son is in South Africa, he is coming home for a visit in the new year.

I am going to cancel the secret santa at the quilt group, quite a few of the ladies are going to be away, so to be honest its not worth it. We will have a stitch and bitch afternoon with some treats.

The rain cleared this morning, but its as back as the ace of spades just now and hissing down, have the light on in the sitting room. Will light the fire a bit later.


  1. Hello Anne: It has been cold enough here to keep the snow on the ground, however, later this week it is suppose to warm up...to 9*C. so hope this white stuff goes soon.
    Secret Santa's are fun, but only if there are enough people, good idea to cancel. Love the "stitch and bitch" never heard of that before. lol. Our group has a secret santa when we have our holiday dinner in January,
    Have a great day,

  2. Bother about your errant snip thru the binding! What a pain in the neck (and southward) to go from finished to taking the binding off. Might you be able to free just part of the binding, add extra fabric to extend it, and sew around the corner to join up where the binding starts? Hope that's possible.

    I agree since so many ladies will be away there's no point in doing the secret Santa on Thursday. Long ago I was part of a cross stitch group of coworkers and we also called it "Stitch and Bitch" but most of our gripes were about our ER work and experiences.

    Hope P can time his medicines so he has food in his stomach before the pills are taken. Taking the pills at mealtime or after bread and milk will go a long way toward helping his stomach misery. If the pills must be taken on an empty stomach, then the doctor needs to hear about his problems.

    I need to lay out my fusible batting to cut another piece to sandwich between the Laurel Burch panel and its backing. Perhaps I should cut the Scottie batting at the same time. Hope I allow enough batting for the borders that will eventually be added.



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