Thursday, 5 November 2015

Grey Skies and Rain

We went to Grantham this morning via the stove shop, we have ordered the stove it is to be fitted after Christmas. Grantham Aldi was packed. I wanted another pair of their slippers, they are excellent and have decent rubber soles which wear well and all for £4.99. I bought a couple of things DB said we needed.

Dunelm is on the same site, we went and got a couple of new pillows, a runner for the kitchen floor and a new vynil table cloth for the kitchen table. We had the old one for over 15 years, it was beginning to show its age.

DB went for his rest, I ironed the bed linen and a shirt for DB and then did another of the mats I am doing for the quilting ladies, I just have one to put together abd then quilt and finish them off. Will not be binding them, will bag them out instead.

We should have been having mac cheese, but I had some cream cheese that wanted using up, so I cooked the macaroni, stirred the cream cheese, pepper and garlic paste in, tipped it into a dish and then spread grated parmesan and Paprika pepper on the top. Will let you know later how it worked out, its going in the microwave with the grill on to crisp up the top. We are having tomato and cucumber salad and jacket spuds with them.

DB is having a baked apple for dessert. I hate baked apples, so I will be having something else.


  1. Good to have those errands handled and know the new tablecloth and the runner for the kitchen floor will brighten up the room as well as giving you something warmer to stand on as the colder weather arrives.

    I need new slippers, too, and hope I can find some like the ones I bought 20+ years ago or at least as comfortable.

    Cheers that you're nearing completion on your Christmas project for your quilting class!! Today I'm continuing to sew fabric strips on each side of the central diamond on this flip-and-sew table runner. I seem to continue rearranging the order of the fabric strips and have told myself to quit that and just sew.


  2. about the pillows from Dunelm,
    have you had them before, i was wondering.. what are they like, the last ones i got (not from Dunelm), were flat like a pancake after about a week or so,
    i need some new pillows so i though i would asked.
    not telling you what to do of course, but i never iron bed linen ,
    also you have given me some good meal ideas, thank you.


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