Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Grey, Grey go away

I want to wash the towels hang hang them out to dry. Its a horrid day again, quite misty up on the hill we can see from the bungalow.

 DB has had the customary talk which we have to have every time he is unwell. Getting him to put up and shut up is so very difficult. At 82 he is still a 'mummies boy' and it drives me nuts. Heaven help me when and if he gets a pacemaker!!

Slept ok, woke just once in the night, the hall curtain also helped to keep the lamp across from the house shining into the hallway, which was good, it means we can sleep with the bedroom door open. DB did his morning routine, I gave him breakfast in bed as part of it for now. He has to drink 2 glass fulls of water and then lie down for 15 minutes, by which time his breakfast is ready, by the time he got dressed it would be cold.

Soup done for lunch, just about to go and to the sandwiches, egg and chive mayo, cream cheese and cucumber. There is either fruit or yogurt for dessert. I was going to do Macaroni cheese for supper, too tired, so it will be ham salad with a jacket spud. Possibly banana and ice cream for dessert.

I am making DB go for a walk round every hour, they have told him he must not just sit all the time. All pressure on me again!! Beginning to feel more than a little stressed. Hey Ho.


  1. Pleased to hear DB home and I hope he doesn't give you a difficult time about following the medical orders.

    I have had to use my dryer a lot this year due to my own health problems. Wash your towels and use your dryer. You have enough other things to do so please make life as easy as you can where possible.

    Enjoy your lunch and visit with your niece.

  2. Do the male of the species ever move on from little boy stage? I hope that things soon get better for you.

  3. Bother to have a grumpy or griping "patient" when life would be so much easier if he'd just grow up and do as he was instructed without the whinging. Perhaps if you don't reply to the complaints, they'll stop eventually? Since he's 82 and still at it, that might be a futile hope. Maybe when he's settled you can go in the sewing room, close the door, and put on a music CD.

    I'm so glad the entry hall curtain is helpful to keep light out as well as keeping the chill outside and the warmth inside.

    It's sunny here after 2 days of drizzle and rain and it's election day so we need to go vote.

    Hang in there!

    Big hugs

  4. At 82 he must be so frightened thinking this time might be my last visit to hospital. It seems when he is poorly you can't cope which all points you need help to look after him. Not having a go but things need assessing for both your sakes.


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