Saturday, 21 November 2015

Double Brrrrrrrrrrrr

My goodness its cold today. I put the heater on in the kitchen last night, forgot to put the switch on in the cupboard so the kitchen is freezing. Just cooked in there, we have been lazy eating in the sitting room, it warm in there. Not something we do regularly, I prefer to eat at the table in the kitchen. Needs must......though.

Its been a very cold sunny day, the wind is fierce, I had to shut the vents in the top of the kitchen and sewing room windows, it was like being on Blackpool prom.

I did manage to do a couple more mats, have the binding to sew down.

We had a bit of excitement this morning, Ambulance in the close, medics went to B & P, not sure what happened but they were in there for ages, went away with an empty vehicle, later what looked like the district nurses turned up. I will ring in the morning and see if they are ok. It appears to have been P, he could have fallen over and smashed himself. He has very thin skin and bleeds profusely.

DB is still working on his jig saw, its coming on but its going to be a long job I think.

I am going  to settle down to do a few more rows on my blanket.

Supper tonight macaroni cheese, tomato salad and jacket spud, I guess dessert will be banana and ice cream.


  1. It sounds like a good Saturday to be tucked inside doing this and that, including knitting with the finished part of the afghan to keep you warm. Hope the kitchen warmed up to a pleasant temperature in good time.

    We have a sunny, cool day here but we awoke to frost and two of the next three nights are forecast to be below freezing.

    I'm about to audition borders for the Laurel Burch panel because I'd like to finish it soon as an early Christmas gift.

    Stay cozy!


  2. Glad that your sitting room is toasty warm. We have those nice little t.v. tables that work out rather well when we decide to eat away from the table, which these days is quite often.

    It is very windy and much colder here in the Midwest USA but only a few snow flurries today so we have been lucky. We will get a nice little break from the cold as we spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with our son who lives in San Diego, CA where the sun shines and temperature very summer like.

  3. Glad you could keep warm in your lounge. I must admit I put the heating on the house wasso cold this morning.


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