Friday, 13 November 2015

DB's turn

at not sleeping. It was 1am before the light went off, so very late getting up this morning, everything will be like the cow's tail - behind!!

Its quite windy here, it had rained during the night, but just now we have sun and blue sky, but its down to 7c.

DB has his jigsaw board out and is doing a jigsaw he got the the Dove Cottage charity shop. Dove Cottage is a local daily hospice which we, as a village, raise funds to support. I bought a pair of chicken bookends, they are cast iron and will do fine as door stops in the summer.

No outside work today, I have done a couple more patterns on my blanket, when DB goes for his rest I will quilt the last 3 mats and get ready to back and bind them. 

We had a power cut late yesterday afternoon, DB was watching TV when it went off and the lights all went off. It was off for about an hour, not sure why, but we have Western Power working in the village, wonder if they went through a cable???? We got the camping gas lamp and gas burner out, just in case, but we did not need it. I have put it away in the cupboard in the back bedroom, better than DB having to demolish the shed to find them if they are needed again.

Also need to make some scones, nothing to have with our afternoon tea.

The lay pastor from the Baptist Church at the back of us called this afternoon, he brought me a bag of apples and also told me that he had found someone who was happy to come and sit with DB whilst I am at the quilting group. I am going to ring the gentleman and ask him over for a cup of tea or coffee so they can meet. It will be a lot off my mind knowing there is someone with him.

I have managed to do the bands of the four colours on the blanket, so starting with the first one again now. 96 rows and 19008 stitches, I have at least 2 repeats to do!!!

Did not get to the mats today, must try tomorrow.


  1. Sorry for the interrupted night's sleep for you and DB. I remember AMIL talking about how much less sleep she seemed to need after her 80th birthday. That was before all of those nights when she couldn't sleep due to that blasted Requip restless leg medicine.

    Good thinking to put the emergency lights where they can easily be reached when needed.

    I'm so happy the lay pastor found someone willing to stay with DB while you're away and that he brought you some lovely apples. I like your idea to invite this gentleman around for tea so he knows the way to your home and so y'all can meet one another.

    Your knitting project sounds like a perfect way to keep warm as you stitch those many rows. The mats can wait until you're better rested.

    It's a sunny, chilly, and blustery day here but the wind isn't the 50mph that the middle of the country has had.


  2. So pleased that your hubby will have someone to sit with when you have to go out for any time. Years ago Social services used to employ professional sitters whom relatives were able to book as and when they were wanted. They were vetted and knew the basic first aid etc., but with cutbacks that has all gone. I do know that in some cases the sitters used to sit for free as they and the patient had bonded and each gave the other company. I was an occupational therapist and worked in the community. I can really sympathise with people when they are nervous about leaving people for any length of time. Take care. Love Andie xxx


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