Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dark Clouds

so dark we had to have the light on in the sitting room for a while, then lashing rain. Now? Its cleared up and the sun is trying to come through, its windy too, wish I had laundry to go out.

DB has taken himself into the garden, the bean wigwam blew down so he is taking it up and putting it in the composter.

He is getting quite slow at getting up, so we had breakfast in bed for 2 this morning.

We have decided to change Drs to the practice in the next village, printed off the 4 pages of forms, filling them in gradually, we will go down with them sometime in the week. DB had a phone call from the INR nurse at the old practice, she wanted him to go in for a blood test, why? when the hospital did one when he came out and it was fine. He told her he would go in for his scheduled appointment next Monday, but I doubt he will, he is going to arrange to go to the new surgery.

Our chemist also managed to mess up the prescription delivery, they did not have enough of DB's heart medication so just sent him 3 days supply, they had the script for more than a week!! Eventually they split 100mgs in half and sent him those.

Life is beginning to get back to normal although DB is still having his 'nap' in an afternoon, think he will stop it soon, he was reading till 1am last night, just could not settle.

Pork for supper tonight, making a plum crumble for dessert.

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  1. I'm glad DB is feeling better albeit slowly but at his age that's probably par for the course. AMIL and FIL slowed down at healing, at recovery, and just in movements when in their early 80s.

    Wishing you well thru the bother of changing doctors but it does make good sense in travel time. I'm with you and DB in reckoning the old medical practice can check his INR results from the hospital and there's no need for him to go to the old practice tomorrow.

    Bother about the 1/2 pills, too. Seem when you call for a refill ahead of time, they should be able to get the proper pill size before you arrive to pick them up. The pharmacy here tried to do that with one of AMIL's pills, but they insisted we break the pills in half. I refused and they had the correct pills for us the next day.

    It's a blustery 51*F here and it feels quite chilly but the rain has moved on, at least until tomorrow arvo.

    Cheers for life getting back to normal!



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