Friday, 20 November 2015

Brrrrrrrrrr its cold.

No Friday clean done, we were going out this afternoon, so a quiet morning.

DB was going to his history group meeting, and I had a few bits and pieces to do, so after lunch we drove into town. We called at Lidl on the way in and got what I wanted from there. Parked the car under Morrison, DB went off one way and I went the other. Called in the charity shops but did not find anything that took my fancy. Called at Yorkshire Trading for steel wool. Next stop Poundland for kitchen towels , cotton buds and some shampoo.

I met DD2 in Wilkinsons, walked back with her to the shop and a cup of tea than back to the car.

We called at Sainsbury on the way home and I bought the Turkey crown for Christmas, its sitting in the sewing room freezer till DD2 comes in a couple of weeks.

On the way home it chucked it down with rain, the sun was setting as we drove along and there were traces of a rainbow.

Supper tonight a bit less exotic than the chicken pasta supper of Wednesday, fish and wedges........

I have managed to bind and sew down one of the mats, just 7 to go!! I also did some of the blanket. almost finished the second 4 colours.

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  1. Cheers for all that was accomplished today!! So glad you found the right sized turkey crown for Christmas and also the rest of the items you needed. Bother that nothing special caught your eye at the charity shops.

    Applause for your completion of the binding on one of your Christmas project mats, too!

    I finished the binding on a Christmas gift table runner that will travel to Texas so plan to wrap the gifts for my two quiltie friends there in hopes of mailing the package tomorrow or Monday.

    I'm just home from cooking for DS2 and perhaps I'll decide on fabrics for borders on my two small panels that will be Christmas gifts after I rest a bit.



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