Thursday, 19 November 2015

At least the Wind is not blowing and its not raining

Very cold today, the temperature has gone down quite a bit.

Better nights sleep last night, we were up fairly early this morning. DB went out and sorted out the fleece for the peach tree, so hopefully we might get some fruit next year. I brought the geraniums in that CR gave me for my birthday, they are on a tray in the front window. I have some trailing geraniums I would like to get in too if I can.

I spent some time this morning in my sewing room. I now have all the mats backed, it was a close thing, I also did the binding, so I can start to put the binding on. I have decided to do a demo next week of binding, I think some of the ladies might want to have a go. I have written out the instructions plus a link to a web site where they can actually see it being done as well. I am hoping to have the mats done by this time next week, taking a bit of a break from the knitted blanket.

Last nights pasta was delicious, I will do it that way again, its a good way of using just a single chicken breast and padding it out with bacon and, if you have them, mushrooms. Topped it with breadcrumbs mixed with some parmesan and then sprinkled some paprika on the top.

Tonight its quiche and salad.

DB walked down to get the TV choice after lunch, he said it was bitter, will be lighting the fire soon.


  1. Your chicken pasta sounds really nice. Is there a link to this recipe or is it in your head? You seem to be very skilled at just about all cooking. I seem to nearly always need a recipe to get me started.

    Glad the wind has dropped and a clear day.

  2. Well done on your steady progress on the mats and that you're ready for the binding. I agree that a tutorial on binding will help your students along as they will be confident in finishing off their projects.

    Your menus sound yummy as usual!

    It's good to stay tucked inside when the temperatures drop and hope you're able to get your trailing geraniums indoors before long.

    We have a warm, rainy day but tomorrow night the low is forecast to be freezing and several nights later it may be below freezing. I plan to hand stitch table runner binding in a moment and that will be something finished.



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