Monday, 16 November 2015

A Fine Monday

It was fine when we got up this morning so I have been able to dry the laundry on the whirly, its now airing before I put it away.

We left home to go to the Drs for DB's INR. I wernt into Morrison. I was just going round when DB appeared in front of me, he had collected a letter from the reception desk, and asked about his appointment, it had been cancelled and both is us are not off the system, so we are registered at the new practice, so DB will be going to the surgery in the next village tomorrow for his INR.

We went to the library, just in time for the minutes silence, called at Lidl for a few bits, they had none of them, so I will have to go back later.

Sliced the beef from yesterday, two more supper meals plus the meat for tonight supper with some salad and a jacket potato. There is enough apple crumble for dessert.

I did manage to get the last 3 mats quilted. I need now to back and bind them.

DB is doing a jig saw. DD2 is coming tomorrow and I have L coming on Wednesday, she is the new lady to the goup, we need to put her bag together and do the lining. Then later in the afternoon, the chap who is going to be with DB whilst I am at the quilting group. So tea and cake twice!!

Have just lit the fire, its turned very cold outside, snow is forecast for the end of the week. Brrrrrrr.............


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  1. What a start-stop day you and DB had with the medical office cancellation and the lack of needed grocery items at Lidl but am glad the weather was nice.

    We're off to get some canned cat food as both cats get a dab of that each morning and they have their expectations!

    Snow in your forecast already??? Mercy! Am glad your pantry and freezer are well stocked.

    Cheers on finishing the machine quilting on the last three mats, too. Remember to tuck them out of sight before your student comes on Wednesday!



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