Sunday, 4 October 2015

Woo Hoo

Its sunny, we are promised rain for next week, so sun today is a bonus. It is chilly out, but ok with a fleece on.

Fetched in most of the laundry we rescued from the washer, gave it a 10 minute tumble in the dryer. Only thing left is DB's track suit, which is still quite wet. Will bring it in later and put it on the airer in the sewing room.

Have hemmed up the curtain where I undid it to joint the two curtains together. Pinned the tape to the top, just have to man handle it through the machine, draw it up and it can go up once DS2 has put the rail up. Its a thermal backed curtain so should keep the warm in and the cold out!!

DB has been pottering in the garden. We will have a sit down for an hour or so and our afternoon tea and then go out and finish planting the bulbs. The herb container has been emptied and the herbs potted up. We will refill it and replant the herbs in the spring, we have another planter which will go at the side of it which will also be planted up with herbs. We are going to buy some new mints and keep them in pots I like apple mint for roast lamb, so that will certainly be going into a pot.

Veg etc prepped for supper. I made a bread and butter pudding yesterday, the bananas were still a bit green, we have enough of the B & B for tonight.

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  1. Cheers for the progress in finishing the curtain that will keep your entry hall cozy!! Hope getting the top machine sewn won't tax your shoulders or your patience.

    What type flower bulbs are you planting? We need to tidy our yard and flower beds, too, but the rain continues with a chance of showers today and tonight. We've had more than 2" of rain in the first 3 days of this month. Other areas have had much, much more.

    I hope to hand stitch the binding and hanging sleeve on the wee wall quilt today and perhaps make its label, too.



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