Thursday, 8 October 2015

What a night

that was, watching GBBO.......on the edge of my seat, but the winner was clear even after the first challenge!! I think the street heard me cheer when the winner was announced!! It has made me rethink certain things. I always used to bake cakes, buns, donuts etc but I think I have got a bit lazy. I paid almost £2 yesterday for two buns for us to have with out afternoon tea. They were delicious, fudge topping and filled with creme pat. My hands cannot knead as they used to but my bread machine has a dough only programme, so watch this space. Only thing is I no longer have a deep fat fryer to cook donuts in, will have to have a think about that one.

Phew, down to earth now.

Report on the new far no complaints, took the bed linen with the quilt cover no problem, the first overnight wash completed fine. Last night I put in a white wash at 60c on the short wash programme, just hung it out, perfect!! two tea towels I had put in which were quite badly stained have come out stainless!! excellent result. The larger drum means I do not have to wash so frequently and using the E7 I can wash overnight and its ready to hang out when I get up, which on these autumn mornings is a distinct plus. If it is not fine enough to hang it out, it dries overnight on the clothes airer in the living room after we have gone to bed. Just the odd thick thing needs a bit extra time. So all in all I recommend it, have to give it 5*.

Into town this afternoon, DB has an appointment at the BP clinic, I also have to pick up a maslin pan from Boyes, we will then travel into Leicester for his appointment with the consultant at 4.30pm. We will be late home, so having lunch instead of supper today.

I may be back later.


  1. Delighted to read the new washer is working well

  2. It was a great finale wasn't it - huge cheers in this house too when the winner was announced. Have to confess to welling up a bit!

  3. Your new washer sounds like a time and money saver .... plus it's more efficient if it's getting all the stains out too! Laundry is such a chore but it feels good to know that you only have to wash the load one time when the results are so good.

  4. We enjoy the GBBO (show?), too, but here we're a couple of seasons behind you folks in the UK and are in the middle of the series being shown here. Rob, the engineer, was just eliminated after making a partly inedible Dalek and Carol was Star Baker. Remember that series?

    Cheers that your new washing machine has a 5* rating!!

    Oh, I really dislike appointments that are late in the arvo and always requested late morning or early arvo times.

    It's a lovely, sunny day here and I've finishing stitching the binding and hanging sleeve on the wee quilt. Now to think up the wording for the label...



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