Friday, 30 October 2015

Wet and windy

Thank you for all the good wishes for DB. He already gets AA. and I cannot get Carers Allowance as we are both over retirement age. It could be a case of put up and shut up. I am making no decisions until I get to speak to the Doctor.

My feet have hardly touched the floor today. I slept quite well, had toast and coffee in bed.

Off by 9.30 to visit my quilty friend, it was nice to see her and spend a couple of hours gossipping. I left at 12.30 to drive to the hospital. I had to queue for almost three quarters of an hour to get into the car park.

OH was sat out of bed, he informed me that he was being moved to another ward. Apparently they were talking about sending him home until he collapsed again, this time in the toilet. I have no idea where or when he is being moved. He has his phone so he can ring me and let me know.

I had to race home to meet the chap who is giving us a price for putting in a stove. Just now I am undecided what to do, would love the stove but with DB as he is I have to take all scenarios into consideration.

Feet up tonight maybe watching TV.


  1. Hope you get to talk to the doctor about the test results and treatment plan before DB comes home. Is his heart being monitored in the unit he is on? If so, perhaps the monitor caught what his heart was doing when he collapsed in the loo. Wonder if his BP bottomed out from his quickly changing position, from lying to standing or from sitting to standing to go to the loo? Wishing DB well and home soon.

    I'm so glad you got to visit with your quiltie friend for a change of scenery and a good chin wag.

    Wishing you wisdom in considering the pros and cons of the stove.

    Big hugs!

  2. You really have been through the mill lately. I hope that all gets resolved soon and that you can get settled.

  3. You must get your rest. I am pleased that they have kept your hubby in, at least they will monitor his vital signs on a regular basis. Got to wonder if all his problems have been BP based. He has obviously got postural hypotension/hypertension, just everything slowing down with age etc., Keep well. Love Andie xxx

  4. I find it strange that you cannot get carer's allowance in UK.
    I look after my disabled husband (he has emphysema) & I get a carer's allowance over here. It would cost the government much more to pay for him to be looked after in a nursing home.
    It has been a bit hard recently as I had a total knee replacement, but fortunately our son came for 2 weeks to look after us, so he did not have to go in a home for respite.

    Good luck I hope things get sorted for you.


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