Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Weird Weather Day

Not a good night last night my fibro decided to remind me that it is still lurking in the shadows. It was after 4am before I went to sleep.

DB woke me getting out of bed, I had just 4 hours sleep, feel ok today but guess I will suffer for it tomorrow. I need to buck myself up have 3 appointments tomorrow.

It was bright and sunny, we had heavy rain during the night and it never really dried up. We kept getting dark clouds scudding over, but no more rain. Almost 3pm the sun is shining again.

Think my washing machine must be the last on the lorry, expecting them around 6.15 pm, so we will have to have supper early. I hate having to break off eating because someone comes to the door.

DB was in the garden this morning, came in covered in mud, no idea what he had been doing.

I have spent the day cutting out more bits for the quilt group Christmas secret santa. I have all the bits done for the main part of what I am doing, need to sort out the borders.

Easy supper tonight spaghetti and meat balls in tomato sauce. I just have to cook the spaghetti and the meat balls, the tomato sauce was in the freezer, we have banana for dessert, we will be eating earlier.

Tomorrow we have appointments to get our feet done, DB will then come on home after dropping me in the town. I have some shopping to do and an appointment to get my eyes tested and then going out to lunch with DD2. I need several things for the house including a small clock for the sewing room. I have to keep popping into the bedroom to check the time. Hope I have a better nights sleep tonight, joints are behaving just now, mind you I have dosed up on my medication.

Late this afternoon we had a heavy rain storm a few minutes later we saw this:

A few minutes later a phone call, we are on the way with your washer. Brought in, unpacked, connected and tested, it is now doing a load of bed linen.

So we will see what the results are like. It will have to go on the airer in the sewing room, no way its going out on the line, its pouring with rain again.


  1. I hope the new washer was delivered after you and DB had finished dinner and that you're pleased with it.

    Sorry about your lack of sleep and hope a Nana nap plus good sleep tonight will have you ready for your day out tomorrow.

    I look forward to pics of your Christmas project when you can send some.

    Am off to thread a needle and hand stitch binding.


  2. What a lovely rainbow, full of promise as always!

    WhaHoo! Your new washer has arrived and I hope it wasn't during your dinnertime.


  3. I love the rainbow and glad the WM arrived.
    Thanks you for lemon sponge recipe we both loved it especially as I made lemon curd delicious a firm favorite:)

  4. Lovely rainbow. Hope the washing machine works well, maybe you will let us know how well it works. Vee x


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