Wednesday, 21 October 2015

We have a new chimney pot and a surprise!!

Up early this morning for the chap coming to the chimney. Phone call just after 8am, its raining, we will come later when the rain stops, as the cement will not set in the wet.

Just after 10am the chap arrived, so cover on the carpet and fibre glass up the chimney to stop any soot falls. Apparently the cowl thats on the chimney was not fitted properly and has collapsed, which is one reason why the chimney is not drawing well. The chap also told us that we can get a multifuel stove that will fit into the fireplace without us having to have everything removed. Something to think about. That was a bit of a surprise. Our chimney also will not need a liner, so watch this space, this time next year the sitting room  may look different. 

The chap told us that the original pot had slipped down and was resting on the blocks that form the chimney. The cowl on the top and not been put on correctly and had in fact collapsed onto the top of the pot, no wonder the chimney was not drawing.

The pot on the ground 

And on the chimney

The bit they cut off we get to keep.

Really miserable day, the kitchen storage heater worked ok but the sitting room one was hardly warm, so we have asked for someone to come out and check the heaters. The hall and bedroom ones are still switched off.

I lit the fire about 5pm, it started to draw straight away, brilliant.

Not done much during the day. I spent the afternoon reading.

My quilting friend phoned, its the Malvern Show this weekend, so she is going on Friday, My visit has been put back a week.


  1. Cheers that the faulty chimney pot has been replaced and your chimney now works well as it's supposed to!! Interesting to consider getting a multifuel stove for the fireplace but could you please tell me what benefit that would be? Ta!

    Do you plan to go to the Malvern Quilt Show? I remember you've gone in years past and it was a tiring but well worth it as the quilts were wonderful.

    I didn't feel good last night or this morning so slept in and have felt I was running late ever since I got up. It's a sunny, warmer day today so that's a good tonic.


  2. I have noticed that a lot of the multi fuel stoves have dropped in price. Maybe later next year? We had a bargain with ours. We were just casually chatting with a neighbour and he was asking if our move to another house was going well, we said it was but we needed a stove. Lo and behold he had one in his grand mothers farm outbuilding. She was going to have it fitted but decided against it. We got it for £50! It was in bits but hubby soon got it in, that was seventeen years ago and it is still going well. Just cannot beat the heat and the cosiness. Pleased that you are getting all the pesky jobs done before Winter hits us, just remembered the clocks go back this weekend. I hate dark nights. Much love Andie xxx


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