Saturday, 10 October 2015

Villagers we are not

so it would appear. After yesterday mornings drama and subsequent visit of our long suffering GP. DB decided that I could drive and we would go to the village feast. On arrival just 2 people we knew, D the electrician and the chap who is President of the Village Hall committee.

We were invited to take a seat which we did, sitting next door to our next door neighbour who spent all evening pretending she did not know who we were!! The other side a group of young Mums, who obviously had their own agenda and spent most of the night shrieking with laughter at comments one of them was making. There was one other chap we knew by sight, he won most of the rest of the cups at the local show last month. He came to speak to us as we left. He had been coming to sit with us, but his lady wife insisted they sat with friends.

We enjoyed the meal, sausage, mash and peas, followed by apple and blackberry crumble with custard, after eights and tea. There was also a quiz and raffle. I did win a bottle of wine in the raffle. We came home and spent the rest of the night watching TV.  Such are villages, especially commuter villages which ours is.

This morning I made 4 3/4 lbs of damson jam from the  frozen damsons that were given to me a couple of weeks ago. I also put a loaf on. We finished up the lentil soup I made yesterday with the liquor from the gammon joint I cooked on Thursday.

After lunch we set off for Upper Broughton and the Art Show. I took a book with me but DB was not long coming back, he was not impressed at all. We went on the the nursery. I asked about delivery and was told it would cost £15, so forget it. I bought 3  x 60L bags of compost for £11 and another 3 bags of the slate for the side of the house, we brought it home in the car.

DB had offered to take me out for our 25th anniversary next weekend, but we decided on afternoon tea and cake in the garden centre cafe instead. We both enjoyed, tea and toasted teacake. Simple pleasures us.

Home again we emptied the slate on the side path and smoothed it down, we need another 6 bags. The loaf I put in was almost done, a pleasant smell of baking bread drifting though the house.

We had just got in when it started to rain.......good timing.


  1. Sorry about the unfriendly folks at the feast but am glad you went, enjoyed the good meal, and won a bottle of bubbly! Perhaps the more often you attend village fetes, the more folks you'll know. I suppose a commuter village is far different from a village where nearly everyone has been there for many generations.

    It sounds like your Saturday was pleasantly busy with a lot accomplished before the rain started.

    Happy Anniversary to you two!! We'd also opt for a lovely cuppa and cake at the garden center rather than a big meal elsewhere.


  2. What is the purpose of the village feast? Is it to get to know others or perhaps a fund raiser? I certainly do not understand why your neighbour acted liked she didn't know you. That is clearly odd. Shame about the young mums and their boring behavior.

    Glad DB seems back to normal. He needs to listen to you but as you say after this long he is probably not going to change.


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