Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Out this morning to take DB for his Drs appointment. Whilst he was there I went to the charity shop to hand something in and also to hand in our prescriptions to the chemist, then on to Morrison to do a small top up shop ahead of our trip to Aldi tomorrow.

After lunch DB cut the grass, I nipped off to get my hair cut, badly needed doing, so I gave the local hairdresser a go.

It was very misty when we went off this morning, by lunchtime the sun had come through and it was a fine afternoon but not too warm, the year is passing quickly and the nights are drawing in, just after 5pm and the curtains are drawn, its dark outside. The fire is lit. Autumn is here and winter will follow.

The people with the dogs did not go out as usual this morning, I am not sure if they have had a visit, they did go out this afternoon, and true to form the dogs barked.

DB was crackered when I got back from the hairdressers, so after a cup of tea he went for an hours kip.

He has phlebitis in his right leg, the Dr has given him some cream; he has to put it on 4 times a day. Complaining now about a pain at the top of his chest near his shoulder, he has been lugging the lawn mower around....what does he expect.

Aldi at Grantham tomorrow for my monthly shop, Thursday I am out all day, Lunch at the U3A for group leaders and then straight on to the quilt group for the meeting. Friday I am off to see my quilting friend. Busy, busy.


  1. A lot was accomplished despite your misty morning and autumn weather. Well done!

    Sorry DB had phlebitis as that's annoying and uncomfortable. Did the doctor suggest elevating his leg along with a heating pad to the affected area? Sounds like some sore muscle cream is in order for his shoulder, too. We have BenGay and Flexall here but the BenGay smells worse!

    Wishing you energy for tomorrow and good times Thursday and Friday. I imagine a lie-in will be in order for Saturday morning.

    Have just finished star #12, a yellow star, and the fabrics are a bit pale so this will benefit from the white batting that will eventually be behind it.

    It's a rainy, drizzling day here with rain due overnight and storms tomorrow.


  2. Anne
    Can I suggest that you keep a diary of dates,times and for how long the dogs bark for on each occasion - your housing officer will require this information to take further action against the tenants and every little bit of evidence helps to build an effective ASB case xxx

  3. If you can record the barkinig on your cell phone, it will show the intensity and loudness of the barking.


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