Friday, 2 October 2015

The Log Man Cometh

Lovely morning but quite cool, it took a while for the mist to clear. Just before 10am the bell went, the chap with the logs, a huge bag, which was quickly unloaded and stacked under the back room window.

So thats us ready for the winter, well almost I will need another few bags of coal, when it gets really cold I will burn mostly coal.

Yesterday I jointed up a chicken, took the breasts off and froze the  meat, then did the carcass in the pressure cooker, now have a pan of chicken and leek soup on the stove for lunch with soome HM bread.

DB has an appointment for a hearing test this afternoon, so I will go into Morrison and do the bit of shopping that I need from there. I also need a quick pop into Lidl on the way home.

We have fish and potato wedges for supper tonight, I am going to cook some green beans to go with it, we also have a wee bit of yesterday gratin which we will eat up and the last of the lemon sponge. I will post a photograph later in an update.


This is the last picture I am going to publish about our portion size. Our supper tonight,  breaded haddock, 7 potato wedges and half of the gratin that was left last night. We finished off the lemon sponge with a splodge of cream.


  1. Hello, we are still waiting for the potatoes and leek soup recipe, ha ha.
    Sorry about your washing machine, I hope you can get another soon.
    Have a good day.

  2. Good to have the logs ready and waiting for winter use. Will you need to put some sort of cover on top and perhaps something to lift them off of the pavement so they are dry when you want to use them?

    Hope all is well with DB's appt. and that you find all you need at the shops.

    It's due to rain all day here so hope to change my wall quilts to autumn ones and to get some sewing done.


  3. Thanks so much for the recipe, I am looking forward to making and enjoying it.

  4. Thank you for posting the helpful pics of your portion sizes :) This is something that I have a REAL problem with ..... I always feel like people aren't getting enough food and so I pile up the plates, including my own. Result: I'm overweight. In your pics, your portion sizes look like enough food! but I would pile on double that :( Yep, that's too much food for a woman of my build to be eating. I'm going to use your pics as a guide as part of my ongoing attempts to normalize my relationship with food .... portion sizes are such an issue here in the US. We are bombarded constantly with 'food messages' and I swear, it warps one's perception over time. I realize that as individuals, we all have our own ways of figuring out what is good/right but honestly I have lost sight of what should be 'normal' on a dinner plate! We never ate this much 20 .... 30 years ago. Thanks again :)


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