Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sleepy Head

Lousy night, after spending time in the garden, despite taking my medication all my muscles were jumping. It was after 4am before I finally drifted off. Consequently I am feeling a little jaded today.

The storage heaters did come on last night, I have had to turn the kitchen one down, it was like a sauna in there. We had a small storage heater in the kitchen in Haddington. The kitchen was twice the size of this one and the heater was never on full blast.

I have discovered we have the wrong duvet on the bed. I must admit I did wonder, the duvet did not come as far down the sides of the bed, so now we have to strip off the cover and change it over, hopefully I will spend less time fighting DB for the duvet.

Phone call to say they are coming to sort the chimney tomorrow, we have to be up early.

Laundry out on the line, hopefully it will dry, I have another load to do tonight and towels on Thursday. Friday I am going to see my quilting friend. It will be my last afternoon visit. Once the clocks go back I will be going over earlier so I am not driving home in the dark.

The Monday clean has been done, I have got the sonic mouse scarer out. I found a single mouse dropping on the toilet floor. I also need to get some wire wool to stuff up the holes in the bathroom where the pipes come through and any we might find in the kitchen.

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  1. So sorry you didn't get a good night's sleep last night. My mother used to say when she was too tired to go to sleep so would take an aspirin about an hour before bedtime. That one aspirin (she was a petite person) helped her doze off.

    Good luck battling and thwarting the mouse. They seem to be able to wiggle in thru the tiniest openings. The steel wool should help a lot.

    We'll be juggling the heating and bed linens as our cold nights will again be 20*F warmer tonight than last night.

    I hope to actually make another star for Brian's quilt as I haven't made even one since July. Hang my head!

    Wishing you well with the chimney pot work and will keep my fingers crossed no mess of any kind comes down the chimney into your sitting room. Shouldn't the workers seal off your fireplace before they start working?



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