Saturday, 17 October 2015


Well it was  a late start this morning even DB slept in, no problem, nothing spoiling. He was in the garden finishing off digging in the manure to the bed the spuds are going in next year. I fiddled about a bit inside, doing various little jobs that only take a few minutes but are a pain in the butt. We are in talks re putting a small poly tunnel in the garden, need to speak to DS2 about setting hooped pegs into concrete to keep it down.

After lunch DB retired to watch the TV, I lit the fire, it was rather coolish. I went through to the sewing room to finish off the blocks I am making, despite being so careful, not one of them has finished up the right size, and going to have to do a bit of trimming here and there. Its all the fault of the gold fabric I use in the stars, despite being ironed onto fine vilene  it still stretches and hates the iron, its very difficult to press. I should have learnt by now, but I still have almost a yard of the blessed stuff to use up. I was looking for the fabric to border them with, can't find it anywhere, I know its in the sewing room somewhere, just cannot find it. I am going to have to leave it a few days and then look again.

Issues with the patchwork group sorted out, other people not being able to mind their own business as usual and giving out duff info. It appears that my little sojourn in hospital caused a bit of a wake up call to the U3A as a whole. So things are being changed. I have already dished off the money side to one lady and tea things to another, I have now appointed a deputy leader, just in case, fingers crossed it doesn't, it happens again. It means the admin is being done by someone else and I can concentrate on teaching and reigning in some of the 'know it alls' who want to race ahead. Looking forward to the  meeting and lunch. It should be interesting.

Its been a very dull day, and cold out of the sun, at 4.30 we have to have the light on in the sitting room, it will soon be time to put the clocks back and the dark winter nights will be here.....aarrgghhhh. Roll on 21st December when it starts getting light again....

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  1. Hope all goes well and pleasantly with the quilting group. Perhaps after the new year, you should offer an advanced course with slightly more complicated blocks taught and enlightening all about how block units (HSTs, rectangles, squares, flying geese, and quarter square triangle blocks, and such) are used in hundreds of blocks so students can take off on their own safely. What think ye?

    Wishing you well on locating your missing fabric quickly and with working with the annoying gold fabric.

    It's sunny and chilly here with the low tonight and for the following two nights forecast to be nearly freezing. We had a light frost last night.

    I've spent the late morning machine sewing the binding on and since the binding fabric is a green tartan plaid, I'm just sewing on top of the binding from the front side to catch the folded edge on the back side. This quilt is for us and the backing fabric is busy, so if it's not perfect, that's okay.



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