Monday, 5 October 2015


first thing, it stopped a while ago and DB says its drying up, he is out in the garden, doing heaven knows what!! He is collecting stones as he digs and using them to make a path up the side of the garden, he has done about 9 foot so far.

Monday clean done, changed the bed and also moved a chest and a cupboard in the bedroom, gives us a bit more room at the bottom of the bed. Trouble is the cupboard is now on DB's side of the bed. I have told him mess it up if he dare!!

We have a busy week from Wednesday onwards, hospital, Drs etc. Next week is calmer.

Looking forward to getting the new washer tomorrow. I might put the sheets etc in on a 60c wash overnight and see how it goes. The machine switches off when its finished. Will have to leave the rest till later in the week when I can get it outside to dry.

Managed to sew the top tape on the curtain before lunch, Need DB to help me fold it and hang it over the door in the sewing room to allow some of the creases to drop out. Its a man made fabric and you cannot use a hot iron on it apart from anything else its now 90" wide by 86" long, would have a job ironing it. Hopefully the creases will drop out with the weight of the fabric. I am going to need DS2 to help me hang it, its almost as heavy as the green velvet curtain was before I had it split.

I have started on a project for the ladies Christmas secret Santa. I have to make 8.. Going to keep me busy for a while.

Library bus came this afternoon, so we got some new books, we will know the fate of the buses shortly. I really hope they do not take them off. They only come once a month now, it was every 2 weeks before. We use the bus to top up with books between visits to the main library when we are in town. They do not get used as much as they really should be, but we would miss it if they take it off.


  1. What a lot was accomplished again today! Applause, applause.

    The new washer will certainly be a joy.

    Hope the wrinkles fall out of your newly joined curtain while it's hanging and hope the library bus continues to run, too.

    No comments yesterday? I thought I'd written one, but perhaps not.


  2. If you are not happy with the creases, try a hairdryer, it warms up the fabric and,as it is hung up, the creases usually drop out. Regards,Sue x


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