Monday, 26 October 2015


Monday clean done, fire laid have also cleaned all the gunk and threads that were wrapped round the beater bar on the Dyson, Emptied the water out of the loo and scrubbed it with Vim, limescale gone, till the next time.

The bed moves much easier on the bedroom carpet, so managed to clean the carpet part way under it and also the back of the headboard and the skirting board, not really mucky, just 4 month of dust.

DB decided to clean the car and wax it especially the cills, winter draws on and if its bad we will have salt on the roads which does not do the cills any good. So a nice shiny car inside and out. The stuff he uses to clean the fascia has a lovely vanilla smell.

Laundry done and  dancing on the line. Its a fine sunny day, the sun is warming the sitting room a bit, but outside there is a chill wind.

Expecting a visit from the council this afternoon to look at the sitting room heater. DB also spoke to the customer service department about the dogs across the road, barking whilst the people are out. It was really bad yesterday and this morning they started barking at 8.30 and have carried on intermittently ever since. The people go out every day until about 3pm in the afternoon. Not conducive to peace.

Might do a bit more sewing after lunch, depends how I feel and what DB is up to.

The last Photos from the show.

I have had a vitriolic comment from a person In Canada re the barking dogs. Apparently I am the tenant from hell, in that case the rest of the close must be the same, countless complaints have gone in about the dogs barking. They are NOT defending their territory.

They are fed up and bored with being shut out when ever the owners go out. The dogs are never taken for a walk, just left in the garden.

We have had the support worker here this afternoon, she is also going to raise the matter so she must be the support worker from hell. We live in a retirement community, we should be allowed some peace and quiet.


  1. More wonderful quilts to enjoy and oh, that amazing applique and tiny piecing! Ta!

    It seems odd to me that the council is looking into the heater situation so promptly but they seem to have overlooked the recommended and much needed loo remodel. Hope they get in gear for a speedy approval and action about both.

    How goes the Christmas sewing now that the annoying gold fabric is gone for good?

    It's a cloudy, cool day here and we have a good chance of rain in the next two days, but not the deluge that has flooded Texas and points east from the remnants of hurricane Patricia.

    I'm planning to sew an orange star today.


  2. Anne
    I worked in social housing for 25 years and you are totally correct regarding the barking dogs.

    Barking dogs constitute a statutory noise nuisance which can be dealt with by the council's environmental health, it also constitutes anti social behaviour and as such the housing department should be taking firm action against the tenant and therefore the barking dogs could cause a threat to their tenancy

    I served a number of notices against tenants with barking dogs - all residents are entitled to enjoy peace and quiet in their own neighbourhood - don't let the matter drop - you'll also be doing the poor bored dogs a favour hope this helps xxx

  3. Two women at Mom's apartment community have had their pets evicted and as a result, they left. One woman would never clean up after her dog and walked it all over others patios and gardens and allowed it to defecate whereever it wanted. The other woman just let it bark when she was gone and made no effort to alleviate the problem. In an apartment building, this cannot go on. Mom was lucky they were not in her wing of the building. She just has to contend with a heavy smoker next door. Ana usa

  4. I hope you get help with the dog issue. I love dogs but not when they are yappy for no reason, live in the middle of nowhere in Canada and do Not think you are the tenant from he!!

  5. Try and just ignore the rude comments, if you can ... you have every right to expect peace and quiet in your neighbourhood. Hopefully the Council will take action and something will be done about the barking dogs. I have really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the lovely quilts you saw at the show. So beautiful and so wonderfully creative! Cheers, Nanny Anny in Canada

  6. I completely agree with you. Barking dogs are usually bored and neglected because they have OWNERS from hell! One of our neighbors has recently taken to shutting his dog outside while he's out, often until past 11 at night. Therefore, the dog barks and howls until the owner returns and lets him/her in. Last night is a good case in point ... dog was barking and howling at 11:30pm and keeping a dozen houses around it awake. How is that fair? Not fair to the animal and not fair to the people who have to get up for work/school/whatever the next day. Stand your ground!


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