Thursday, 22 October 2015

Open Fire V Multifuel Stove

Some of you may be wondering why, when we have an open fire I am looking to install a multi fuel stove.

On an open fire you can burn different type fuels, but mostly coal and wood. 80% of the heat goes up the chimney, only 20% to the house.

A multi fuel stove is exactly what it says you can burn all wood or a smokeless fuel. It puts 80% of the heat into the room and 20% up the chimney. It can be closed down to burn slowly overnight, or opened up to a good burn. I did not think that you could get an 'inset' stove, which means you can fit it into a fireplace without having to knock the thing about in order to get the stove in.

A much better day, sunny but quite a strong wind. DB went round to the village hall to get some bricks and broken slab which had been dumped there.

Off into town, called at Lidl before going to the optician, I have my new glasses and the ophthalmologist had a look at the back of my eye, she feels I should be seen by the hospital, so is writing to my Dr. I have a 'birthmark' which I have had for years and has never been a problem, she obviously thinks it is.

Took DD2 for lunch, then a quick trip to Boyes and home. Since we have been back DB has mowed the grass, its still fine but quite a strong breeze. The towels were dry when we got back, so they are folded in the airing cupboard.

I have persuaded DB to take me to the quilt show at Malvern on Saturday, so a couple of things for the picnic lunch we will take slipped into my basket in Lidl.


  1. Enjoy the quilt show. 5 members of my quilting group are going there tomorrow!! They have a very early 7.00 am start! Ann x

  2. Oh! I'm delighted you'll be able to attend the Malvern Quilt Show on Saturday! What delicious and delightful eye candy along with ideas for future projects awaits you there. What fun!

    Ta for your explanation about the benefits of a multi-fuel stove and apparently that kind of stove can be inset in your fireplace with trouble. It would use fuel more efficiently and keep the bungalow toasty. Sounds good if it isn't too costly and if it really will fit easily into your fireplace.

    Late start to the day for me as I have an annoying headache and light bothers me a lot (sunny day that it is). I hope to stay in my den of a sewing room and choose fabrics for two small Christmas projects. I'll work by lamplight which is less painful that sunlight today.


  3. Go for the multi-fuel stove they give out so much heating. Open fire's heat goes mainly up the chimney. No point heating the stars!! Far better to admire the stars at Malvern.
    Helen in France


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