Thursday, 15 October 2015

Oh Yuk,

its cold and raining.

I lit the fire in the sitting room, keeping my fingers crossed its not going to be a daily thing from now on. I did not plan to put the storage heaters until the beginning of next month.

DB has spent the morning sorting out the bookcase in the sitting room and is now reading. We are going to have to go to the library at some point, I am reading my last book.

I have done a bit of sewing and will be going back through there shortly to do a bit more.

Soup and bread for lunch I need to put a loaf on, we finished the last of the bread with our soup. Tonight is spag bol and garlic bread. Enough of yesterdays crumble for dessert.


  1. I notice that you often put a loaf on. Is this from a bread machine? I have a Panasonic bread maker and I have varying results. Would you be kind enough to share your recipe, if it is too long or faffy then do not bother yourself. I made a loaf yesterday and although I have not cut into it yet I am not hopeful! it feels heavy. Yes, you are quite right it has come a lot colder and it feels damp, you might have to put on your radiators sooner, the trouble is it then makes it for an expensive and elongated Winter. Much love xxx

  2. Andie, yes I do use a panasonic bread maker, I have had it for a number of years, rarely get a failure.

    I use 12ozs wholemeal flour, 4.2 ozs of white flour. 1 teaspoon of dried yeast. 1 teasp salt and sugar and 4 tablespoons of sunflowwer oil. 300mls water and use the Italian bread setting, 4 1/2 hours.

    Your failure could be due to atmospheric conditions, do you live in the US by any chance? I find if the kitchen is very cold it affects the size of the loaf a bit.

    I have also used the same measurements except the amount of oil and add an extra 20cc of water. and the wholemeal loaf setting. Try using slightly warm water, not too hot or you will kill the yeast. I have used all sorts of different makes of flour, Aldi and Lidl flour works just as well as the more expensive flours. The same with dried yeast.

    Hope this helps.

  3. It sounds like you and DB have had a cozy indoors day. I love reading and often re-read favorites we own when my library books have been read. We have so many books that we don't need bookends and have no room for pretty things on the shelves.

    Does your breadmaker work well even on rainy days? I remember my grandmother telling me that you never bake bread on a rainy day because the yeast is affected by humidity.

    I hope to sew the binding on the Christmas quilt today but am not sure I am up to dealing with the weight of the quilt just now. Bother!

    Stay warm!


  4. I have been using the quick loaf recipe in the recipe book that comes with the machine. I shall definitely try your recipe: sounds good. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, I know writing out recipes can be fiddly, so once again my thanks to you x. No, I do not live in the USA I live in West Yorkshire. I also have a hubby that has sudden and unexpected turns, so know how you feel! Sometimes patience is hard to keep going, but I know we all do our best. By the way, we had the loaf for tea and it was not too bad, but not quite right, so we shall see. Having said that if I had dropped it on my foot it would have caused a fracture. Love Andie xxx


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