Sunday, 18 October 2015

Its Sunday and its wet...

A relaxed sort of a day really, did not get up till 10am, was feeling a bit tired, so nothing spoiling. When I did get up stripped the bed and remade it, we now have a heavier duvet on.

It has been quite cold, so I have put the heaters on in the kitchen and sitting room. I lit the fire and lunch time, and had to resurrect at one point, I was so engrossed in the book I was reading I did not see it burning down. Going again fine now and supper is on. Baked gammon with roasted spuds, green beans and cabbage. I have made parsley sauce rather than gravy. Damson sponge pudding for dessert, it takes just 5 minutes in the micro and will do us for dessert at least twice.

Full night of TV viewing tonight, so cooking supper a bit earlier.

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  1. What a nice day to cozy and warm indoors while the outdoors was wet and chilly. Hope your book is a delight and that your sewing projects are going well.

    It's chilly here and I'm about to have some lunch, then write up the label for the Santa quilt. After that, I'll probably sit and read, too.



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