Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Its A New Day

Very cold last night, was so pleased the little fire in the bedroom was on. Sun shining warmed up the sitting room, but it has clouded over and looks very much like rain.

DB has been in the garden for most of the morning. He has an appointment for another hearing test late this afternoon, so I will call at Lidl on the way in for a few things I need from there, will do my main shop on Friday at Morrison, when DB goes to his history meeting.

We are having lunch today, mince and tatties with calebrese, and carrot. Will finish off the Bakewell tart with some custard for dessert. Scrambled egg on toast for supper with fruit to follow.

I cooked the beetroot in the microwave, it was very difficult to get the skin off for some reason. Also peeled, cored and part cooked the rest of the apples from the orchard. Beetroot now in vinegar and the apple cooling before it goes into the freezer. Building up a nice stock of fruit to see us through the winter.

Have a bag of veg to take for DD2, calebrese, green beans and a couple of leeks. Apart from carrots I still have quite a bit of veg in the fridge, will need to use it up, so a bit of swapping round on the menu this week.

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  1. It sounds like you've had a pleasant day and have made excellent plans for menus to use the fresh veggies in good time.

    Hope you've gotten a chance to continue sewing on your Christmas projects. I hope to trim the Santa quilt today to get it squared up and ready for its binding. That will require some wrestling since the quilts is 65" x 65".

    Laundry calls ...



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