Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I think Its Raining

We woke this morning, it was very dark and rain was battering at the windows.

We were off to Aldi in Grantham to do the monthly shop, it rained all the way there and back. The rain was coming down so hard it was actually jumping up from the road. Lots of surface water about and stupid drivers who do not know how to drive in wet conditions.

Back home and unpacking the shopping, a knock at the door, we are getting the facias replaced in about a months time. Apparently we should have had a letter, not here we haven't!!

No dogs barking again today, red car has been outside all day, so peace reigns for a bit.

After lunch the rain stopped, we had a bit of blue sky and some sun, but everywhere was very damp, cold and wet. Winter draws on methinks.

DB was worn out so went to bed for a nap after lunch, waiting for him to get up to make a cup of tea and indulge in our favourite frangipan tarts, I buy a pack of 6 when we go to Aldi.

I picked up their brochure of Christmas stuff, some nice things going to be on sale and also some decent wine too. I will get another bottle of their take on Baileys, its delicious. We are going to DD2's for lunch Christmas day, so I am buying a turkey crown for her, will need to have a butchers at Sainsbugs, I have 2 x £10 vouchers to spend, should cover the turkey and a few 'sweet' type things.

Need to sort through and check I have everything for tomorrow, will be out from 9.30 till around 5pm.

I heard from my friend in the US yesterday, her BIL has been in a nursing home for sometime, it would appear that he is fading fast. C's sister is also not well, and her husband has had to have two moles removed from his leg, they were pre cancerous, so she is really having a tough time. Thoughts with them just now.

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  1. Despite the rain there, you and DB accomplished a lot and it's no wonder he was in need of a nap.

    We've had rain in varying amounts from drizzle to downpour for more than 24 hours and more is in the forecast for later today and tonight.

    I hope your day tomorrow is trouble-free and enjoyable and that dinner can be in the slow cooker while you're away. Be sure to check your list and bag twice like Santa does!

    Wishing your US friend well as she and her family deal with all that's happening.



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