Friday, 9 October 2015


washed the towels overnight, out on the line whilst the sun was still shining.

Just having breakfast when DB called me, could not walk, terrible pain in his leg, blah, blah. Managed to persuade him to hop into the sitting room and sit down, then followed an hour with him moaning. Gave him the phone and told him to ring the surgery, to cut a long story short, it was agreed that the Dr should come and see him. Queue the 'oh I feel sick' so sent him to bed.

He came through just before 12 noon walking perfectly, its gone......I had already said it was his arthritis in his knees but of course I do not know anything. The Dr came just after lunch, looked at both his legs, moved them up and down, said to me, 'well you know what to look for, if his leg is hot or signs of a fever send for an ambulance, but I think its his arthritis'!! Very subdued husband, especially after I had my say about his histrionics......he has sat with his legs up all afternoon, not a peep out of him.

We are due to go to the village hall tonight for the feast, quiz and social evening, will see what happens then.

In the mean time I did a very sketchy Friday clean and have spent the afternoon reading.

How on this earth I have put up with him for 25 years I really do not know. I hope my crown of diamonds is waiting for me when, and if, I get to heaven. Knowing my luck, it will slip and choke me!!


  1. Oh, not a bit funny as there was nothing serious going on but I had to laugh about your heavenly reward at enduring for so very long. We used to tease AMIL that there would be so many stars in her crown for not doing FIL in during their 63 years of marriage, that she'd not be able to lift her head due to the size and weight of the crown! Of course, in heaven the weight wouldn't be a problem nor would doorways that would no doubt widen instantly so she could enter ,,,!

    Does DB have increased leg pain when he points his toes toward his knee? That, in addition to reddening, fever at the site, and tenderness is also a an indicator of a clot. It's also called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) these days. Wishing DB well.

    It's amazing that doctors there still make house calls.

    Hope you can go to feast and fun at the village hall this evening.

    Big hugs!

  2. Crown of diamonds..
    Good one.


  3. He had been doing a lot in the garden. Wonder if he just overdid the work using his knees? I told my doctor to take the knee out when I had an arthritis flareup. I can feel his pain. Mine went away too. Ana US


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