Monday, 19 October 2015


DB had an appointment to get his INR checked, we took the library books back and collected new ones, nipped into Boyes for a couple of things, by the time we got home it was lunch time.

We sat for an hour and then went out to the front garden and dug out all the weeds. I also cut back the roses,I am now shattered!!

I have lost some material. I ordered it about a month ago, and I know it came, but can I find it?!! Short of stripping the room down I cannot see how I can find it. I even went through the recycle bin in case it had been accidentally thrown ho.

It was very misty when we went out, by the time we got back the sun was out, I hung out the laundry and it has dried, so all I have to do now is iron it. A load of whites in to wash tonight.

I changed the duvet on our bed last night, I woke up a couple of times a bit hot, but DB slept fine.

Cleaned out the fire and relaid it. I put the storage heaters on last night, this morning they were stone cold. I discovered there is a separate fuse board for the heaters and although the switch was on the actual fuses were off, have put them on, so will see what happens tonight.

No Monday clean done today, so I will do it tomorrow.


  1. I hope your supper was easy to sort out since your many accomplishments exhausted you.

    The hard work of pulling weeds that you and DB did will pay off since those weeds are gone and cannot spread.

    Might you have tucked your new fabric in a stack with the fabrics you plan to use with it? Perhaps it was pushed out of sight when you were getting the fabrics out for your Christmas project? Sometimes when I'm looking for a fabric, I can stand in the doorway, take a slow look around, up and down, side to side, and an idea comes to mind about where I should look. Often I find it there but not always. Good luck finding it!

    My frustration du jour is that I've been looking at a quilting magazine back issue from 2009 and I want a fabric panel shown in the magazine. Is it on eBay? No. Sigh!


  2. I hear your frustration with losing things - I was given a £15 Waterstone's gift card for my birthday last month and I have put it "somewhere safe" - so safe I can't lay my hands on it now I want to spend it!


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