Thursday, 1 October 2015

Excuse me whilst I scream

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhh....thank you.

My washing machine has had it. It stopped at exactly the same place as before and no way can I get it to drain, I have washing stuck in it. Stephan phoned me back this morning. He told me several things to try but none of it worked. I need a strong chap to help me move it to the back door, so I can unscrew the plug at the bottom and drain it, then we may have to force the door to get it open.

I cannot do anything about getting a new one until I have sorted the old one.

OH had plaps last night, it was mid morning before they went off, he is up but having an easy day. I told him he was doing too much but he never takes any notice, so he just has to get on with it.

Someone asked me about the lemon sponge yesterday.

Butter a 2 pint pudding bowl. 2 tablespoons lemon curd. Put the lemon curd into the greased pudding bowl.

3ozs, SR flour.
3 ozs castor sugar.
3 ozs margarine or butter.
2 meduim eggs.
1/2 tea sp of baking powder.

Shove everything into a mixing bowl and using an electric hand mixer mix until light. It may seem a bit stiff, so use one of the egg shells and fill it twice and pour into the mixture and beat well until its combined.

Tip it all into the bowl. I cook mine in my panasonic combi microwave. 5 1/2 minutes on medium. Otherwise cover with greased, greaseproof paper and foil and steam for an hour. 

Tonights supper is cauli and broccoli gratin with jacket spuds. I usually bake tomato's to have with it, but no toms until tomorrow.

We have more of the lemon sponge for dessert, we have enough left for tomorrow.


  1. GRRRRRRR! So sorry about your misbehaving washing machine! Your repair man should come again pronto and not charge you a pence since what was done yesterday did not fix it. DH says it could be a disconnected wire that came loose again or perhaps dust needs to be blown out from around the controls (that was our problem once). The same repairman needs to come as he got a good look around the machine yesterday.

    Bother about the palps but you're right, DB has been very busy in the garden day after day. Perchance it's time to take more frequent breaks to rest than he needed when he was 70!

    Do combination washer/dryers cost too much to consider? They're a blessing when the outdoor world is frozen and you risk a broken hip to take wet laundry out to the whirly.

    Dinner looks yummy and I know your lemon sponge is a bit of heaven!


  2. So sorry to hear your washer is still not working right. I used to own a launderette for many years and had to trouble shoot before calling the repairman. Are you sure the drain and/ or hose on your machine isn't plugged up? Washing rugs and rag quilts were often the culprit. We're you washing a large item that could have caused an unbalanced shuddering that could have triggered a shut off or a loose wire? Hope you can get it fixed!


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