Sunday, 25 October 2015

Easy Day

after yesterdays trip. Late up, we almost slept the clock round.

Very cold, clear day, DB worked on the front garden, its looking so much better, he is sat reading just now.

I did the veg etc for tonight supper and then shut myself in my sewing room......not too happy with the blocks, the gold fabric is now in the bucket, it was driving me crazy, you cannot iron it, it sticks to the iron, so you cannot press the blocks properly. I see to be less patient since I had my PM put in, have managed to do 3 blocks, now ready for wadding and backing, I am not sure if I have enough patience to hand sew down the binding on 7 mats, so might just bag them out, will do some fancy stitching on the tops before I finish them off. They are just flat mats to stand something on, or could be used as a little wall hanging.

Cleared out the fire, ready to light at tea time. Big TV night tonight.

I have called off my trip to Ikea next week, I
really want to get my driving license back before I do any distance driving. I did drive half way yesterday morning, but DB was in the car, he drove all the way back, good job with the mess we managed to get into.

Glad of the extra hour last night, I did not sleep too well Friday. I had to re-adjust all the clocks in the house this morning, they were all telling a different time........

Right going to drink my tea and go back to do another mat, will then finish for the day.

More pictures from yesterday.

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  1. What glorious quilts! Several look like they were made by the same person or for the same challenge with the lovely floral and Celtic applique. Applause for each quiltmaker, her imagination, and her skills!

    Sorry the gold fabric continued to be a pain in the neck and it's a good idea to bin the rest of it. Have you thought of bringing the backing fabric to the front of each wee quilt, folding the raw edges under, and stitching it down with a decorative stitch?

    Well done in planning a less busy day today after the fun and exhaustion of yesterday.

    I hope to get another Ribbon Star block together but it's a bit late in the day to start. Oh, well, doing something is progress even if I don't get it all done.



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