Friday, 23 October 2015

Dull but no rain

It was a lovely days yesterday, but there was quite a wind. Today its dull and quite a bit colder. The towels dried on the whirly, so they were folded and put away.

Friday clean done, kitchen floor washed, fire laid. The estimate came through for the stove, so now I just have to wait for the council to give us the go ahead. Knowing the council it could take ages, we are still waiting to hear about the fence and gate. We would like to get the gate and fence done before the winter  Our back is not very secure as it is. If possible the stove in before Christmas. 

Sorted out the picnic stuff etc for tomorrows trip. I am just hoping that DB does not start with the dreaded palps, the trip will be off if he does. I am not really well enough to drive there and back myself.

Front grass has been cut, so the house looks much better from the road. DB cleaned out the car ready for tomorrow. cleaned all the windows and windscreen, they must have been really mucky judging from the the state of the cloth when he brought it in.


  1. I hope your council is swifter with their responses than our,we requested permission to move a radiator in our lounge the beginning of August still not got written permission yet.

  2. My car needs a good going over but it will wait till next week, I am filling the boot with wood to go to Cardigan tomorrow. Fingers crossed that your council gets a wriggle on, but don't hold your breath.

  3. It seems to me that the council takes ages to consider and approve even the simplest of requests and that the changes recommended due to physical need are abysmally slow, too. Bother!

    I join you in hoping DB stays well and symptom-free so you two can go to the Malvern show. Hope both of you sleep well and restfully tonight, too.

    This noon I went on an errand to grocery and library and enjoyed the glorious autumn colors on display by many of the trees and shrubs. I love autumn!



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