Wednesday, 14 October 2015


It was a clear but very cold morning. The sun came out during the morning but no much heat in it.

The chap came to inspect the house to see if we had any asbestos in the building. They are going to replace the sofit board on the front and back of the bungalow with UPVC.

DB digging in some manure in the part of the garden where we are going to plant potato's.

I made the gratin and an apple and blackberry crumble for supper tonight.

I have a lady coming shortly who is wanting to join our quilting group. I need to giver her some pointers and try and get her up to a reasonable level so she does not feel swamped at the meeting this month. scones buttered to have with a cuppa.

DB is going to walk down to the Post Office to post a letter and also get the TV choice, so he can plan what he wants to watch.

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  1. I hope you and your new quilt class student had a wonderful time together and that she's feeling confident in what she learned from you today.

    Goodness, it seems the bungalow is getting improvements, top to bottom and inside and out. Hope all of these plans are put into action and completed before the winter weather sets in for THIS year! WISH!

    I'm about to clear the decks so I can square up the Santa quilt.



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