Saturday, 31 October 2015

Better Day

I decided to have a lie in so did not get up until 10am. Sorted out stuff that DB had asked for.

Another chap came to give us an estimate for the stove. I was ready to go out when he left.

Lunch with DD2 and then we travelled into the hospital. DB was looking better and I saw the Dr before we left, DB may come home tomorrow, it depends how confident he feels. We have been given instructions about a way to cope, so we will see how we get on.

Back via DD2's for a cup of tea and then home. Sorted out some laundry and its now in the washer, I will set it tonight. Will not know until the morning whether DB is coming home. Hopefully he will get a lift home and I will not have to go in and collect him.

Just had fish and wedges for my supper, a pear for dessert.

Watching strictly and then a Midsomer Murders before retiring for the night.

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  1. Good, you must feel easier in your mind about DB. Have a good nights sleep and take it easy. Your many friends are rooting for you both. God Bless Andie xxx


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