Monday, 12 October 2015

Another Manic Monday

A bit late getting up which always puts me back a bit. However Monday clean done and dusted, just have the bed linen from last week to iron, will do it this afternoon.

Load of coloured stuff on the line, its bright and sunny but Brrrrrrrr, we had a slight frost last night so DB is busy picking beans and tomato's. Whilst the sun is warming the sitting room I am not putting the heating on, just light the fire at supper time. We have a small convector fire in the bedroom which is on just for an hour night and morning, takes the chill off nicely.

Possibly gratin for supper tonight, I have cauli and calebrese in the fridge.

DD1 and DSIL have just got back from the US, they were in New York for 5 days. I would loved to have gone, but its not to be. No way am I taking DB, and I would not go on my own.

Need to get some sewing done once I have finished the ironing. I will need to do an extra in my project for the quilting ladies. I have a new lady who wants to join us. She is coming here on Wednesday so I can go through the basics with her, and get her started with her first project.

We have quite a few bits on this week. DB has his history meeting on Friday so I will go in with him and do some top up shopping at Morrison. He was going to go on the bus, but they do not run at the right time for him, so we can combine the journey. I might also nip into Lidl for some croissant. We have them on Sunday for breakfast. Did not have enough room for them in the freezer for them when we went to Aldi the other week.

Talking to the assistant in Aldi she told us that the Bingham Aldi was due to open in the first quarter of next by March we should cut our journey to Aldi by about 2/3rds. How brilliant will that be.


  1. You chose an apt title for today's post. Whew! You got a lot done early in the day so hope you have had time to read, sew, or play this arvo.

    We need the heat on after the sun goes down, too, and a couple of nights a week from now have a low temperature forecast of 37*F and that's just 5*F above freezing.

    It's a sunny, cool day here and I hope to sew. No mail delivery because it's the Columbus Day holiday so cannot post my package to Indiana until tomorrow.


  2. Well done, all your Monday work complete. You must be pleased that a new lady is joining your quilting group.

    You would love New York. It is one of my very favourite places. Always so much to do and see, lots of good Broadway theater and many reasonable places to eat. In my many visits I have never met a rude or unfriendly person. Hope your daughter and son-in-law had a fabulous time.

    We are having another beautiful day here, cool at night and sunny in the day time with a high today forecast of 81F - leaves are very slowly starting to turn but we need a really cold night to get the colour change. This is a good place to live this time of year.

  3. Funny how you guys are heading into winter and we are heading into summer! I wonder if I will even plant tomatoes? OH my blog will be public again tomorrow in case you noticed it was private this past week.


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