Wednesday, 7 October 2015

All Done

Diet Coke Rocks, please put me on your permitted list, I am not able to access your blog anymore. I guess you have had some problems to make it private.

Up early for us, we had an appointment to get our feet done this morning at 9am. DB discovered a swelling on his leg last night, it had gone down this morning but I made him to to the walk in clinic anyway. He  was then going home.

I went into Boyes for some stuff I needed, walked round and picked up a small clock for my sewing room from Argos and then  went into Age Concern cafe for a coffee. Next visit Wilko's, curtain rail, wire for a net curtain and washing soda. I then decided to ring DB and see if he was still at the Dr's. No he was at home, but could not get in, I had both sets of keys, so he had to come back into town for the keys. Whilst I was waiting for him it hissed it down with rain, I had a waterproof coat on, but the water was running down and dripping off the bottom.

Once DB had picked up the keys I set off for the opticians to get my eyes tested. £180 for new glasses, the frames were £59 the lenses etc made up the rest.........I have to go back in 6 months for them to check my MD.

Went to Greggs for a sandwhich with DD2 and then caught the bus back.

The chap has been to look at the chimney and he is recommending to the council that we get a new pot and also the stack re-pointed, no idea how long its going to take, depends on when the council put through the order.

After a very rainy morning, the ground has hardly dried up but the sun is making a very weak effort to shine, a bit late in the day really.

Honey baked gammon with new spuds, green beans, calabrese and parsley sauce for supper. Banana and ice cream for dessert.

I did sleep better last night, could have done without the alarm going off at 7.30am though.


  1. Cheers that your busy day ended successfully with all things accomplished despite the rain. Perhaps you can sleep in tomorrow morning?

    Hope the council gets a move on to approve your fence and gate and the various improvements inside and outside the bungalow.

    Do you have a hiding place suitable for putting an extra house key outside your bungalow for those occasions when one or the other of you needs to get in?

    Dinner sounds delicious and I hope you have a lovely evening!


  2. I also would like on Diet coke rocks website.

    Don't know if she would see this but thought I'd try.

  3. I read both yours and Diet Coke daily. I would be lonely without you both.
    How did your washing machine do with its first load.

  4. I have also been blocked on Diet Coke Rocks. Hoping Chris will read this.

  5. Here's hoping you get the chimney work done before too long. Are you still able to have the fire on in the meantime? Guess I'm not the only one missing out on the Diet Coke Rocks blog.

  6. First time commenting on your blog, but I come to read your adventures everyday. I believe I found Diet Coke Rocks from your blog list, so I'm being blocked from it also, thought I'd chime in here too. I enjoy both your blogs so much. Jeane


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