Saturday, 3 October 2015

All Alone

in the garden, waiting to go to the washing machine haven, where ever it might be.

The washer is now in the garden at the side of the coal shed ready for the chaps to pick it up on Tuesday when they bring the shiny new one. I just hope it does not need a degree in electronics to use it!! We hand rung out the stuff we retrieved from the machine, its dripping on the line.

DB up to the stables this morning for the last lot of manure, the heap is being removed tomorrow. So no more till they turn the horses out in the spring.

Very misty morning, the sun keeps trying to break through. I suspect if you drove to the top of Pasture Lane the sun would be shining up there, having climbed up out of the valley. From now until the end of April we can expect mist to hang in the vale.

I am planning on finishing the curtain for the front door this afternoon. I had to buy new tape, which I now need to sew on and also resew the bit of the bottom hem I undid to join the two curtains together. Have messaged DS2 asking him to bring some wood to mount the new rail on when he comes, will pick a rail up in Melton when I go for my eye test on Wednesday.

Started to plant some of the 200 +bulbs we have to go into the back garden, so far I tub planted with daffs and tulips. DB is putting in a Crown Imperial for me, it needs an 8" hole digging for it. Have just come in to drink my after lunch cuppa before it goes cold.

No idea what DB is going to do this afternoon........possibly watch the Rugby if there is any on.

All day breakfast for supper tonight, back to banana for dessert.

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  1. I hope the sewing of the curtain goes well and it will be nice to be cozy indoors after your garden work.

    Sorry about your washing machine and the need for a new one. I join in your hope that it's easy to run!

    Our weather is similar, damp, foggy and chilly (54*F) and we're at the top of a hill. It must be thick in the vale here.



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