Saturday, 31 October 2015

Better Day

I decided to have a lie in so did not get up until 10am. Sorted out stuff that DB had asked for.

Another chap came to give us an estimate for the stove. I was ready to go out when he left.

Lunch with DD2 and then we travelled into the hospital. DB was looking better and I saw the Dr before we left, DB may come home tomorrow, it depends how confident he feels. We have been given instructions about a way to cope, so we will see how we get on.

Back via DD2's for a cup of tea and then home. Sorted out some laundry and its now in the washer, I will set it tonight. Will not know until the morning whether DB is coming home. Hopefully he will get a lift home and I will not have to go in and collect him.

Just had fish and wedges for my supper, a pear for dessert.

Watching strictly and then a Midsomer Murders before retiring for the night.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Read the Daily Mail today Re LRI.

I discovered tonight that DB was taken in to A & E, the attendants with him were told to take him back out to the ambulance, where he was forced to wait for over an hour before he was taken back into the department.

He also told me it was after midnight before he was put in a bed in the ward, he had been shunted into a ?side ward on the trolley and left there. So  it was 7 hours before he got a bed and after 2am befor he got to sleep, he had to go through everything that had happened again for the houseman despite having told the Dr in A & E what had happened.

He is still waiting to be moved, they  have promised to ring me when he is moved, whats the betting they don't?

Wet and windy

Thank you for all the good wishes for DB. He already gets AA. and I cannot get Carers Allowance as we are both over retirement age. It could be a case of put up and shut up. I am making no decisions until I get to speak to the Doctor.

My feet have hardly touched the floor today. I slept quite well, had toast and coffee in bed.

Off by 9.30 to visit my quilty friend, it was nice to see her and spend a couple of hours gossipping. I left at 12.30 to drive to the hospital. I had to queue for almost three quarters of an hour to get into the car park.

OH was sat out of bed, he informed me that he was being moved to another ward. Apparently they were talking about sending him home until he collapsed again, this time in the toilet. I have no idea where or when he is being moved. He has his phone so he can ring me and let me know.

I had to race home to meet the chap who is giving us a price for putting in a stove. Just now I am undecided what to do, would love the stove but with DB as he is I have to take all scenarios into consideration.

Feet up tonight maybe watching TV.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Awful Wait

I found out just before 10pm that DB was being admitted, no idea what the problem is till I go in tomorrow.

I am going to go to my quilting friends in the morning, will go into the hospital on the way home. Have some one coming at 3 30 to give us a quote for the stove.

Just had a quick slosh in the bath, in bed, but doubt if I will sleep much. More tomorrow when I have seen the powers that be.

Night night!!


Today did not turn out as expected. I left home just after 9am to go to the Group Leaders Meeting. It went very well and we enjoyed a delicious lunch, there was enough cake left for us to take for the groups afternoon tea.

First time we have had a full group for a while, lots of showing stuff off and people starting new projects, our new lady came too which was nice.

3.20 my phone rang, it was my daughter. She had been rung as our first point of call as DB had collapsed, so I had to pack up and race home. Leaving the ladies in the group to pack up at 4pm.

First responder and also an ambulance at the house, apparently he had passed out, when he came round he crawled to the table where our emergency phone is and called for help. His BP was through the roof, why, I have no idea, so he was taken to LRI. They left at 4pm and knowing what the A & E is like there I did not ring until 6 PM since then I have rung every quarter of an hour trying to get through, no one answering the phone, finally at 7.10 I got an answer, 'he is having tests, ring back at 8pm' crash and down went the phone..........wonderful.

I hope they decide to keep him overnight, I cannot drive into the city in the dark to collect him if they want to send him home.......frustration.

I really feel he is getting to the stage where I cannot leave him, I have to be with him all the while, which will be very restrictive for me and it also means I will have to give up the group, I cannot take him in the car and expect him to sit round for 2 1/2 hours whilst I teach a class and wonder what the heck he is up to. even of he goes for a walk I will be wondering what he is doing and if he is ok. When he had his stroke we tried to get someone to come and sit with him whilst I was out, no chance tried every organisation I was referred to said no, they did not provide that kind of I can see incarceration impending, feeling very low and not sure how I am going to cope.

I may not post for a day or two whilst I get my head round this.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I think Its Raining

We woke this morning, it was very dark and rain was battering at the windows.

We were off to Aldi in Grantham to do the monthly shop, it rained all the way there and back. The rain was coming down so hard it was actually jumping up from the road. Lots of surface water about and stupid drivers who do not know how to drive in wet conditions.

Back home and unpacking the shopping, a knock at the door, we are getting the facias replaced in about a months time. Apparently we should have had a letter, not here we haven't!!

No dogs barking again today, red car has been outside all day, so peace reigns for a bit.

After lunch the rain stopped, we had a bit of blue sky and some sun, but everywhere was very damp, cold and wet. Winter draws on methinks.

DB was worn out so went to bed for a nap after lunch, waiting for him to get up to make a cup of tea and indulge in our favourite frangipan tarts, I buy a pack of 6 when we go to Aldi.

I picked up their brochure of Christmas stuff, some nice things going to be on sale and also some decent wine too. I will get another bottle of their take on Baileys, its delicious. We are going to DD2's for lunch Christmas day, so I am buying a turkey crown for her, will need to have a butchers at Sainsbugs, I have 2 x £10 vouchers to spend, should cover the turkey and a few 'sweet' type things.

Need to sort through and check I have everything for tomorrow, will be out from 9.30 till around 5pm.

I heard from my friend in the US yesterday, her BIL has been in a nursing home for sometime, it would appear that he is fading fast. C's sister is also not well, and her husband has had to have two moles removed from his leg, they were pre cancerous, so she is really having a tough time. Thoughts with them just now.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Thank you Trudie, we are keeping a diary and have been since last week. We will give it to the HO when they ask for it.


Out this morning to take DB for his Drs appointment. Whilst he was there I went to the charity shop to hand something in and also to hand in our prescriptions to the chemist, then on to Morrison to do a small top up shop ahead of our trip to Aldi tomorrow.

After lunch DB cut the grass, I nipped off to get my hair cut, badly needed doing, so I gave the local hairdresser a go.

It was very misty when we went off this morning, by lunchtime the sun had come through and it was a fine afternoon but not too warm, the year is passing quickly and the nights are drawing in, just after 5pm and the curtains are drawn, its dark outside. The fire is lit. Autumn is here and winter will follow.

The people with the dogs did not go out as usual this morning, I am not sure if they have had a visit, they did go out this afternoon, and true to form the dogs barked.

DB was crackered when I got back from the hairdressers, so after a cup of tea he went for an hours kip.

He has phlebitis in his right leg, the Dr has given him some cream; he has to put it on 4 times a day. Complaining now about a pain at the top of his chest near his shoulder, he has been lugging the lawn mower around....what does he expect.

Aldi at Grantham tomorrow for my monthly shop, Thursday I am out all day, Lunch at the U3A for group leaders and then straight on to the quilt group for the meeting. Friday I am off to see my quilting friend. Busy, busy.

Monday, 26 October 2015


Monday clean done, fire laid have also cleaned all the gunk and threads that were wrapped round the beater bar on the Dyson, Emptied the water out of the loo and scrubbed it with Vim, limescale gone, till the next time.

The bed moves much easier on the bedroom carpet, so managed to clean the carpet part way under it and also the back of the headboard and the skirting board, not really mucky, just 4 month of dust.

DB decided to clean the car and wax it especially the cills, winter draws on and if its bad we will have salt on the roads which does not do the cills any good. So a nice shiny car inside and out. The stuff he uses to clean the fascia has a lovely vanilla smell.

Laundry done and  dancing on the line. Its a fine sunny day, the sun is warming the sitting room a bit, but outside there is a chill wind.

Expecting a visit from the council this afternoon to look at the sitting room heater. DB also spoke to the customer service department about the dogs across the road, barking whilst the people are out. It was really bad yesterday and this morning they started barking at 8.30 and have carried on intermittently ever since. The people go out every day until about 3pm in the afternoon. Not conducive to peace.

Might do a bit more sewing after lunch, depends how I feel and what DB is up to.

The last Photos from the show.

I have had a vitriolic comment from a person In Canada re the barking dogs. Apparently I am the tenant from hell, in that case the rest of the close must be the same, countless complaints have gone in about the dogs barking. They are NOT defending their territory.

They are fed up and bored with being shut out when ever the owners go out. The dogs are never taken for a walk, just left in the garden.

We have had the support worker here this afternoon, she is also going to raise the matter so she must be the support worker from hell. We live in a retirement community, we should be allowed some peace and quiet.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Easy Day

after yesterdays trip. Late up, we almost slept the clock round.

Very cold, clear day, DB worked on the front garden, its looking so much better, he is sat reading just now.

I did the veg etc for tonight supper and then shut myself in my sewing room......not too happy with the blocks, the gold fabric is now in the bucket, it was driving me crazy, you cannot iron it, it sticks to the iron, so you cannot press the blocks properly. I see to be less patient since I had my PM put in, have managed to do 3 blocks, now ready for wadding and backing, I am not sure if I have enough patience to hand sew down the binding on 7 mats, so might just bag them out, will do some fancy stitching on the tops before I finish them off. They are just flat mats to stand something on, or could be used as a little wall hanging.

Cleared out the fire, ready to light at tea time. Big TV night tonight.

I have called off my trip to Ikea next week, I
really want to get my driving license back before I do any distance driving. I did drive half way yesterday morning, but DB was in the car, he drove all the way back, good job with the mess we managed to get into.

Glad of the extra hour last night, I did not sleep too well Friday. I had to re-adjust all the clocks in the house this morning, they were all telling a different time........

Right going to drink my tea and go back to do another mat, will then finish for the day.

More pictures from yesterday.

Saturday, 24 October 2015


We were away by 9.30am. The traffic on the M roads was quite bad, we got to the show ground just before noon and decided to have lunch before I went into the show.

I was very good and only spent £10, I did see the new Janome embroidery machine, it is due for release on 1st November. I must admit I was quite impressed, but I was very good and walked away. I need to sort out the heating first, once that's sorted I need to start a savings pot.

I am posting some of the pictures of the quilts I saw, there were some really nice ones. I also caught up with Robert from Dunbar, he is doing the quilt show circuit now, 23 shows a year. It was good to have a chat. He had his daughter working with him.

This ones for you Ana!!

We managed to get lost on the way back. I hate the roads round Birmingham, we ended up on Spaghetti Junction!! Had to do a quick turn around and find the right road again. We had beans on toast for supper, just filled a gap. We are both tired so will have an easy day tomorrow.

I have a busy week coming up, Visit to get my hair chopped on Tuesday, Ikea with DD2 on Wednesday, group leaders lunch and then straight on to the quilting group, Thursday. Friday I am going to see my quilting friend and compare notes about the quilt show.

I will post more pictures tomorrow. Do not forget to put your clocks back. We will have an extra hour in bed tomorrow....hooray!!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Dull but no rain

It was a lovely days yesterday, but there was quite a wind. Today its dull and quite a bit colder. The towels dried on the whirly, so they were folded and put away.

Friday clean done, kitchen floor washed, fire laid. The estimate came through for the stove, so now I just have to wait for the council to give us the go ahead. Knowing the council it could take ages, we are still waiting to hear about the fence and gate. We would like to get the gate and fence done before the winter  Our back is not very secure as it is. If possible the stove in before Christmas. 

Sorted out the picnic stuff etc for tomorrows trip. I am just hoping that DB does not start with the dreaded palps, the trip will be off if he does. I am not really well enough to drive there and back myself.

Front grass has been cut, so the house looks much better from the road. DB cleaned out the car ready for tomorrow. cleaned all the windows and windscreen, they must have been really mucky judging from the the state of the cloth when he brought it in.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Open Fire V Multifuel Stove

Some of you may be wondering why, when we have an open fire I am looking to install a multi fuel stove.

On an open fire you can burn different type fuels, but mostly coal and wood. 80% of the heat goes up the chimney, only 20% to the house.

A multi fuel stove is exactly what it says you can burn all wood or a smokeless fuel. It puts 80% of the heat into the room and 20% up the chimney. It can be closed down to burn slowly overnight, or opened up to a good burn. I did not think that you could get an 'inset' stove, which means you can fit it into a fireplace without having to knock the thing about in order to get the stove in.

A much better day, sunny but quite a strong wind. DB went round to the village hall to get some bricks and broken slab which had been dumped there.

Off into town, called at Lidl before going to the optician, I have my new glasses and the ophthalmologist had a look at the back of my eye, she feels I should be seen by the hospital, so is writing to my Dr. I have a 'birthmark' which I have had for years and has never been a problem, she obviously thinks it is.

Took DD2 for lunch, then a quick trip to Boyes and home. Since we have been back DB has mowed the grass, its still fine but quite a strong breeze. The towels were dry when we got back, so they are folded in the airing cupboard.

I have persuaded DB to take me to the quilt show at Malvern on Saturday, so a couple of things for the picnic lunch we will take slipped into my basket in Lidl.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

We have a new chimney pot and a surprise!!

Up early this morning for the chap coming to the chimney. Phone call just after 8am, its raining, we will come later when the rain stops, as the cement will not set in the wet.

Just after 10am the chap arrived, so cover on the carpet and fibre glass up the chimney to stop any soot falls. Apparently the cowl thats on the chimney was not fitted properly and has collapsed, which is one reason why the chimney is not drawing well. The chap also told us that we can get a multifuel stove that will fit into the fireplace without us having to have everything removed. Something to think about. That was a bit of a surprise. Our chimney also will not need a liner, so watch this space, this time next year the sitting room  may look different. 

The chap told us that the original pot had slipped down and was resting on the blocks that form the chimney. The cowl on the top and not been put on correctly and had in fact collapsed onto the top of the pot, no wonder the chimney was not drawing.

The pot on the ground 

And on the chimney

The bit they cut off we get to keep.

Really miserable day, the kitchen storage heater worked ok but the sitting room one was hardly warm, so we have asked for someone to come out and check the heaters. The hall and bedroom ones are still switched off.

I lit the fire about 5pm, it started to draw straight away, brilliant.

Not done much during the day. I spent the afternoon reading.

My quilting friend phoned, its the Malvern Show this weekend, so she is going on Friday, My visit has been put back a week.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sleepy Head

Lousy night, after spending time in the garden, despite taking my medication all my muscles were jumping. It was after 4am before I finally drifted off. Consequently I am feeling a little jaded today.

The storage heaters did come on last night, I have had to turn the kitchen one down, it was like a sauna in there. We had a small storage heater in the kitchen in Haddington. The kitchen was twice the size of this one and the heater was never on full blast.

I have discovered we have the wrong duvet on the bed. I must admit I did wonder, the duvet did not come as far down the sides of the bed, so now we have to strip off the cover and change it over, hopefully I will spend less time fighting DB for the duvet.

Phone call to say they are coming to sort the chimney tomorrow, we have to be up early.

Laundry out on the line, hopefully it will dry, I have another load to do tonight and towels on Thursday. Friday I am going to see my quilting friend. It will be my last afternoon visit. Once the clocks go back I will be going over earlier so I am not driving home in the dark.

The Monday clean has been done, I have got the sonic mouse scarer out. I found a single mouse dropping on the toilet floor. I also need to get some wire wool to stuff up the holes in the bathroom where the pipes come through and any we might find in the kitchen.

Monday, 19 October 2015


DB had an appointment to get his INR checked, we took the library books back and collected new ones, nipped into Boyes for a couple of things, by the time we got home it was lunch time.

We sat for an hour and then went out to the front garden and dug out all the weeds. I also cut back the roses,I am now shattered!!

I have lost some material. I ordered it about a month ago, and I know it came, but can I find it?!! Short of stripping the room down I cannot see how I can find it. I even went through the recycle bin in case it had been accidentally thrown ho.

It was very misty when we went out, by the time we got back the sun was out, I hung out the laundry and it has dried, so all I have to do now is iron it. A load of whites in to wash tonight.

I changed the duvet on our bed last night, I woke up a couple of times a bit hot, but DB slept fine.

Cleaned out the fire and relaid it. I put the storage heaters on last night, this morning they were stone cold. I discovered there is a separate fuse board for the heaters and although the switch was on the actual fuses were off, have put them on, so will see what happens tonight.

No Monday clean done today, so I will do it tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Its Sunday and its wet...

A relaxed sort of a day really, did not get up till 10am, was feeling a bit tired, so nothing spoiling. When I did get up stripped the bed and remade it, we now have a heavier duvet on.

It has been quite cold, so I have put the heaters on in the kitchen and sitting room. I lit the fire and lunch time, and had to resurrect at one point, I was so engrossed in the book I was reading I did not see it burning down. Going again fine now and supper is on. Baked gammon with roasted spuds, green beans and cabbage. I have made parsley sauce rather than gravy. Damson sponge pudding for dessert, it takes just 5 minutes in the micro and will do us for dessert at least twice.

Full night of TV viewing tonight, so cooking supper a bit earlier.

Saturday, 17 October 2015


Well it was  a late start this morning even DB slept in, no problem, nothing spoiling. He was in the garden finishing off digging in the manure to the bed the spuds are going in next year. I fiddled about a bit inside, doing various little jobs that only take a few minutes but are a pain in the butt. We are in talks re putting a small poly tunnel in the garden, need to speak to DS2 about setting hooped pegs into concrete to keep it down.

After lunch DB retired to watch the TV, I lit the fire, it was rather coolish. I went through to the sewing room to finish off the blocks I am making, despite being so careful, not one of them has finished up the right size, and going to have to do a bit of trimming here and there. Its all the fault of the gold fabric I use in the stars, despite being ironed onto fine vilene  it still stretches and hates the iron, its very difficult to press. I should have learnt by now, but I still have almost a yard of the blessed stuff to use up. I was looking for the fabric to border them with, can't find it anywhere, I know its in the sewing room somewhere, just cannot find it. I am going to have to leave it a few days and then look again.

Issues with the patchwork group sorted out, other people not being able to mind their own business as usual and giving out duff info. It appears that my little sojourn in hospital caused a bit of a wake up call to the U3A as a whole. So things are being changed. I have already dished off the money side to one lady and tea things to another, I have now appointed a deputy leader, just in case, fingers crossed it doesn't, it happens again. It means the admin is being done by someone else and I can concentrate on teaching and reigning in some of the 'know it alls' who want to race ahead. Looking forward to the  meeting and lunch. It should be interesting.

Its been a very dull day, and cold out of the sun, at 4.30 we have to have the light on in the sitting room, it will soon be time to put the clocks back and the dark winter nights will be here.....aarrgghhhh. Roll on 21st December when it starts getting light again....

Friday, 16 October 2015

Dull Day

A very grey, dreich day, no rain though. Friday clean done, made leek and potato soup for lunch.

Off into town, took the things to L so she can set up the quilting group for me, I am going to the Group Leaders Lunch, so might be a bit late, she passed on a bit of information which I was not too pleased about. Going to nip it in the bud.

OH went off to his meeting, I did a top up shop in Morrison and once OH joined me we went into Tesco for some frozen Haddock for our fish and chips.

Once home I opened what was supposed to be 4 haddock fillets....this is what I found..... 3 weigh about 135g the last one 75g!!

and they had the gall to charge me £2.50. I have just sent a complaint to Tesco, I will wait and see what they have to say. Good job its not needed for our supper tonight.

Fire is lit and crackling away. Fish, wedges and green beans for supper, banana and ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Oh Yuk,

its cold and raining.

I lit the fire in the sitting room, keeping my fingers crossed its not going to be a daily thing from now on. I did not plan to put the storage heaters until the beginning of next month.

DB has spent the morning sorting out the bookcase in the sitting room and is now reading. We are going to have to go to the library at some point, I am reading my last book.

I have done a bit of sewing and will be going back through there shortly to do a bit more.

Soup and bread for lunch I need to put a loaf on, we finished the last of the bread with our soup. Tonight is spag bol and garlic bread. Enough of yesterdays crumble for dessert.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


It was a clear but very cold morning. The sun came out during the morning but no much heat in it.

The chap came to inspect the house to see if we had any asbestos in the building. They are going to replace the sofit board on the front and back of the bungalow with UPVC.

DB digging in some manure in the part of the garden where we are going to plant potato's.

I made the gratin and an apple and blackberry crumble for supper tonight.

I have a lady coming shortly who is wanting to join our quilting group. I need to giver her some pointers and try and get her up to a reasonable level so she does not feel swamped at the meeting this month. scones buttered to have with a cuppa.

DB is going to walk down to the Post Office to post a letter and also get the TV choice, so he can plan what he wants to watch.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Its A New Day

Very cold last night, was so pleased the little fire in the bedroom was on. Sun shining warmed up the sitting room, but it has clouded over and looks very much like rain.

DB has been in the garden for most of the morning. He has an appointment for another hearing test late this afternoon, so I will call at Lidl on the way in for a few things I need from there, will do my main shop on Friday at Morrison, when DB goes to his history meeting.

We are having lunch today, mince and tatties with calebrese, and carrot. Will finish off the Bakewell tart with some custard for dessert. Scrambled egg on toast for supper with fruit to follow.

I cooked the beetroot in the microwave, it was very difficult to get the skin off for some reason. Also peeled, cored and part cooked the rest of the apples from the orchard. Beetroot now in vinegar and the apple cooling before it goes into the freezer. Building up a nice stock of fruit to see us through the winter.

Have a bag of veg to take for DD2, calebrese, green beans and a couple of leeks. Apart from carrots I still have quite a bit of veg in the fridge, will need to use it up, so a bit of swapping round on the menu this week.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Another Manic Monday

A bit late getting up which always puts me back a bit. However Monday clean done and dusted, just have the bed linen from last week to iron, will do it this afternoon.

Load of coloured stuff on the line, its bright and sunny but Brrrrrrrr, we had a slight frost last night so DB is busy picking beans and tomato's. Whilst the sun is warming the sitting room I am not putting the heating on, just light the fire at supper time. We have a small convector fire in the bedroom which is on just for an hour night and morning, takes the chill off nicely.

Possibly gratin for supper tonight, I have cauli and calebrese in the fridge.

DD1 and DSIL have just got back from the US, they were in New York for 5 days. I would loved to have gone, but its not to be. No way am I taking DB, and I would not go on my own.

Need to get some sewing done once I have finished the ironing. I will need to do an extra in my project for the quilting ladies. I have a new lady who wants to join us. She is coming here on Wednesday so I can go through the basics with her, and get her started with her first project.

We have quite a few bits on this week. DB has his history meeting on Friday so I will go in with him and do some top up shopping at Morrison. He was going to go on the bus, but they do not run at the right time for him, so we can combine the journey. I might also nip into Lidl for some croissant. We have them on Sunday for breakfast. Did not have enough room for them in the freezer for them when we went to Aldi the other week.

Talking to the assistant in Aldi she told us that the Bingham Aldi was due to open in the first quarter of next by March we should cut our journey to Aldi by about 2/3rds. How brilliant will that be.

Sunday, 11 October 2015


The village feast is a charity function, we have a hospice in the area which the village raises funds for, so although the meal was free there was a bowl at the door as you went out to put donations in. You never know when you might need their services, so we were pleased to have been able to go along and support the hospice.

Our village is a very old one, mentioned in the Doomsday book, there are a number of families who have lived in and around the village for generations. More recently farms have sold land for development, and in a couple of cases old houses have been demolished to make way for new ones. They were too expensive for locals, hence the commuter bit. People who wanted village life but work in nearby towns came in. We do not want to be 'king of the pile' just be recognised as residents in the village.

When we walk down to the post office people speak, 'hello' or 'nice day' but thats it, no other contact. We thought by entering the show and going to the feast it would allow us to meet new people. I am afraid I am not very good at going up to people and saying 'I am .... who are you?' 

The chap who laid our turf said he had been in the village for 20 years and was just about classed as a villager. I of course, did upset the locals somewhat by walking off with the prize's in the village show....tough, I entered something I had made and it won so........we live in the village and as far as possible contribute to the economy of the village by using local tradesmen. OK I do not do my shopping at the village shop, its too expensive and the stock is very limited, but we can and do patronise the post office on the basis of 'use it or lose it'. I have also been known to buy the odd thing from the shop in an emergency.

I know, having been brought up in a village, that villagers can and are very insular and parochial, but they should also be open to welcome new people, especially those who want to, and do, contribute to village life. It is a favourite soap box of mine having received the same treatment in East Linton when we lived there. 

Better get off my soap box now.

Its a fine but chilly morning. DB is muttering about gardening, I am saying nothing........

I need to sort out a dessert. I thought I might resurrect my pastry making skills and make a bakewell tart or something similar.  It was last Christmas when I last made pastry for mince pies. I could do with a couple of pastry cases in the freezer for quiche. I also need to clean out and relay the fire for tonight. I usually light it around supper time.


I am crackered, have just spent the most of the morning baking. Scones, bakewell tart, 2 pastry cases to put in the freezer, a mincemeat turnover and a lemon drizzle cake!! DB has been in the garden, its a lovely clear but cold day although its not cold in the bungalow with the sun coming in through the front window. It helps to keep the sitting and bedroom warm.

Feet up for the rest of the afternoon, have the supper on automatic pilot, the chicken legs I jointed from the chicken last week. 

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Villagers we are not

so it would appear. After yesterday mornings drama and subsequent visit of our long suffering GP. DB decided that I could drive and we would go to the village feast. On arrival just 2 people we knew, D the electrician and the chap who is President of the Village Hall committee.

We were invited to take a seat which we did, sitting next door to our next door neighbour who spent all evening pretending she did not know who we were!! The other side a group of young Mums, who obviously had their own agenda and spent most of the night shrieking with laughter at comments one of them was making. There was one other chap we knew by sight, he won most of the rest of the cups at the local show last month. He came to speak to us as we left. He had been coming to sit with us, but his lady wife insisted they sat with friends.

We enjoyed the meal, sausage, mash and peas, followed by apple and blackberry crumble with custard, after eights and tea. There was also a quiz and raffle. I did win a bottle of wine in the raffle. We came home and spent the rest of the night watching TV.  Such are villages, especially commuter villages which ours is.

This morning I made 4 3/4 lbs of damson jam from the  frozen damsons that were given to me a couple of weeks ago. I also put a loaf on. We finished up the lentil soup I made yesterday with the liquor from the gammon joint I cooked on Thursday.

After lunch we set off for Upper Broughton and the Art Show. I took a book with me but DB was not long coming back, he was not impressed at all. We went on the the nursery. I asked about delivery and was told it would cost £15, so forget it. I bought 3  x 60L bags of compost for £11 and another 3 bags of the slate for the side of the house, we brought it home in the car.

DB had offered to take me out for our 25th anniversary next weekend, but we decided on afternoon tea and cake in the garden centre cafe instead. We both enjoyed, tea and toasted teacake. Simple pleasures us.

Home again we emptied the slate on the side path and smoothed it down, we need another 6 bags. The loaf I put in was almost done, a pleasant smell of baking bread drifting though the house.

We had just got in when it started to rain.......good timing.

Friday, 9 October 2015


washed the towels overnight, out on the line whilst the sun was still shining.

Just having breakfast when DB called me, could not walk, terrible pain in his leg, blah, blah. Managed to persuade him to hop into the sitting room and sit down, then followed an hour with him moaning. Gave him the phone and told him to ring the surgery, to cut a long story short, it was agreed that the Dr should come and see him. Queue the 'oh I feel sick' so sent him to bed.

He came through just before 12 noon walking perfectly, its gone......I had already said it was his arthritis in his knees but of course I do not know anything. The Dr came just after lunch, looked at both his legs, moved them up and down, said to me, 'well you know what to look for, if his leg is hot or signs of a fever send for an ambulance, but I think its his arthritis'!! Very subdued husband, especially after I had my say about his histrionics......he has sat with his legs up all afternoon, not a peep out of him.

We are due to go to the village hall tonight for the feast, quiz and social evening, will see what happens then.

In the mean time I did a very sketchy Friday clean and have spent the afternoon reading.

How on this earth I have put up with him for 25 years I really do not know. I hope my crown of diamonds is waiting for me when, and if, I get to heaven. Knowing my luck, it will slip and choke me!!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

What a night

that was, watching GBBO.......on the edge of my seat, but the winner was clear even after the first challenge!! I think the street heard me cheer when the winner was announced!! It has made me rethink certain things. I always used to bake cakes, buns, donuts etc but I think I have got a bit lazy. I paid almost £2 yesterday for two buns for us to have with out afternoon tea. They were delicious, fudge topping and filled with creme pat. My hands cannot knead as they used to but my bread machine has a dough only programme, so watch this space. Only thing is I no longer have a deep fat fryer to cook donuts in, will have to have a think about that one.

Phew, down to earth now.

Report on the new far no complaints, took the bed linen with the quilt cover no problem, the first overnight wash completed fine. Last night I put in a white wash at 60c on the short wash programme, just hung it out, perfect!! two tea towels I had put in which were quite badly stained have come out stainless!! excellent result. The larger drum means I do not have to wash so frequently and using the E7 I can wash overnight and its ready to hang out when I get up, which on these autumn mornings is a distinct plus. If it is not fine enough to hang it out, it dries overnight on the clothes airer in the living room after we have gone to bed. Just the odd thick thing needs a bit extra time. So all in all I recommend it, have to give it 5*.

Into town this afternoon, DB has an appointment at the BP clinic, I also have to pick up a maslin pan from Boyes, we will then travel into Leicester for his appointment with the consultant at 4.30pm. We will be late home, so having lunch instead of supper today.

I may be back later.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

All Done

Diet Coke Rocks, please put me on your permitted list, I am not able to access your blog anymore. I guess you have had some problems to make it private.

Up early for us, we had an appointment to get our feet done this morning at 9am. DB discovered a swelling on his leg last night, it had gone down this morning but I made him to to the walk in clinic anyway. He  was then going home.

I went into Boyes for some stuff I needed, walked round and picked up a small clock for my sewing room from Argos and then  went into Age Concern cafe for a coffee. Next visit Wilko's, curtain rail, wire for a net curtain and washing soda. I then decided to ring DB and see if he was still at the Dr's. No he was at home, but could not get in, I had both sets of keys, so he had to come back into town for the keys. Whilst I was waiting for him it hissed it down with rain, I had a waterproof coat on, but the water was running down and dripping off the bottom.

Once DB had picked up the keys I set off for the opticians to get my eyes tested. £180 for new glasses, the frames were £59 the lenses etc made up the rest.........I have to go back in 6 months for them to check my MD.

Went to Greggs for a sandwhich with DD2 and then caught the bus back.

The chap has been to look at the chimney and he is recommending to the council that we get a new pot and also the stack re-pointed, no idea how long its going to take, depends on when the council put through the order.

After a very rainy morning, the ground has hardly dried up but the sun is making a very weak effort to shine, a bit late in the day really.

Honey baked gammon with new spuds, green beans, calabrese and parsley sauce for supper. Banana and ice cream for dessert.

I did sleep better last night, could have done without the alarm going off at 7.30am though.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Weird Weather Day

Not a good night last night my fibro decided to remind me that it is still lurking in the shadows. It was after 4am before I went to sleep.

DB woke me getting out of bed, I had just 4 hours sleep, feel ok today but guess I will suffer for it tomorrow. I need to buck myself up have 3 appointments tomorrow.

It was bright and sunny, we had heavy rain during the night and it never really dried up. We kept getting dark clouds scudding over, but no more rain. Almost 3pm the sun is shining again.

Think my washing machine must be the last on the lorry, expecting them around 6.15 pm, so we will have to have supper early. I hate having to break off eating because someone comes to the door.

DB was in the garden this morning, came in covered in mud, no idea what he had been doing.

I have spent the day cutting out more bits for the quilt group Christmas secret santa. I have all the bits done for the main part of what I am doing, need to sort out the borders.

Easy supper tonight spaghetti and meat balls in tomato sauce. I just have to cook the spaghetti and the meat balls, the tomato sauce was in the freezer, we have banana for dessert, we will be eating earlier.

Tomorrow we have appointments to get our feet done, DB will then come on home after dropping me in the town. I have some shopping to do and an appointment to get my eyes tested and then going out to lunch with DD2. I need several things for the house including a small clock for the sewing room. I have to keep popping into the bedroom to check the time. Hope I have a better nights sleep tonight, joints are behaving just now, mind you I have dosed up on my medication.

Late this afternoon we had a heavy rain storm a few minutes later we saw this:

A few minutes later a phone call, we are on the way with your washer. Brought in, unpacked, connected and tested, it is now doing a load of bed linen.

So we will see what the results are like. It will have to go on the airer in the sewing room, no way its going out on the line, its pouring with rain again.

Monday, 5 October 2015


first thing, it stopped a while ago and DB says its drying up, he is out in the garden, doing heaven knows what!! He is collecting stones as he digs and using them to make a path up the side of the garden, he has done about 9 foot so far.

Monday clean done, changed the bed and also moved a chest and a cupboard in the bedroom, gives us a bit more room at the bottom of the bed. Trouble is the cupboard is now on DB's side of the bed. I have told him mess it up if he dare!!

We have a busy week from Wednesday onwards, hospital, Drs etc. Next week is calmer.

Looking forward to getting the new washer tomorrow. I might put the sheets etc in on a 60c wash overnight and see how it goes. The machine switches off when its finished. Will have to leave the rest till later in the week when I can get it outside to dry.

Managed to sew the top tape on the curtain before lunch, Need DB to help me fold it and hang it over the door in the sewing room to allow some of the creases to drop out. Its a man made fabric and you cannot use a hot iron on it apart from anything else its now 90" wide by 86" long, would have a job ironing it. Hopefully the creases will drop out with the weight of the fabric. I am going to need DS2 to help me hang it, its almost as heavy as the green velvet curtain was before I had it split.

I have started on a project for the ladies Christmas secret Santa. I have to make 8.. Going to keep me busy for a while.

Library bus came this afternoon, so we got some new books, we will know the fate of the buses shortly. I really hope they do not take them off. They only come once a month now, it was every 2 weeks before. We use the bus to top up with books between visits to the main library when we are in town. They do not get used as much as they really should be, but we would miss it if they take it off.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Woo Hoo

Its sunny, we are promised rain for next week, so sun today is a bonus. It is chilly out, but ok with a fleece on.

Fetched in most of the laundry we rescued from the washer, gave it a 10 minute tumble in the dryer. Only thing left is DB's track suit, which is still quite wet. Will bring it in later and put it on the airer in the sewing room.

Have hemmed up the curtain where I undid it to joint the two curtains together. Pinned the tape to the top, just have to man handle it through the machine, draw it up and it can go up once DS2 has put the rail up. Its a thermal backed curtain so should keep the warm in and the cold out!!

DB has been pottering in the garden. We will have a sit down for an hour or so and our afternoon tea and then go out and finish planting the bulbs. The herb container has been emptied and the herbs potted up. We will refill it and replant the herbs in the spring, we have another planter which will go at the side of it which will also be planted up with herbs. We are going to buy some new mints and keep them in pots I like apple mint for roast lamb, so that will certainly be going into a pot.

Veg etc prepped for supper. I made a bread and butter pudding yesterday, the bananas were still a bit green, we have enough of the B & B for tonight.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

All Alone

in the garden, waiting to go to the washing machine haven, where ever it might be.

The washer is now in the garden at the side of the coal shed ready for the chaps to pick it up on Tuesday when they bring the shiny new one. I just hope it does not need a degree in electronics to use it!! We hand rung out the stuff we retrieved from the machine, its dripping on the line.

DB up to the stables this morning for the last lot of manure, the heap is being removed tomorrow. So no more till they turn the horses out in the spring.

Very misty morning, the sun keeps trying to break through. I suspect if you drove to the top of Pasture Lane the sun would be shining up there, having climbed up out of the valley. From now until the end of April we can expect mist to hang in the vale.

I am planning on finishing the curtain for the front door this afternoon. I had to buy new tape, which I now need to sew on and also resew the bit of the bottom hem I undid to join the two curtains together. Have messaged DS2 asking him to bring some wood to mount the new rail on when he comes, will pick a rail up in Melton when I go for my eye test on Wednesday.

Started to plant some of the 200 +bulbs we have to go into the back garden, so far I tub planted with daffs and tulips. DB is putting in a Crown Imperial for me, it needs an 8" hole digging for it. Have just come in to drink my after lunch cuppa before it goes cold.

No idea what DB is going to do this afternoon........possibly watch the Rugby if there is any on.

All day breakfast for supper tonight, back to banana for dessert.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Leek and Potato soup

2 reasonably large leeks sliced
1/2 a chopped onion,
2 cloves of garlic chopped.
Mixed herbs.
Stock 1 1/2 - 2 pints.
2 tablespoons dried milk.
Black pepper
2 tablespoons sunflower or vegetable oil.
Large potato, in small dice or instant potato.
Single cream.
Chopped parsley.

Put oil into a large pan. Add the chopped onion and leeks and cook on a medium heat until they are softened. Add the herbs, garlic, black pepper, and diced potato if you are using it.Stir well   Add the dried milk to a bit of the stock and then pour back into the stock. and then add the stock to the pan. I use chicken stock, vegetable stock or if I have it ham stock. Bring to the boil and then turn down the heat and simmer for about half an hour.

Use a stick blender to blend everything together. If you are using instant potato this is the time to add it stirring well till the soup thickens. You can add a swirl of single cream when serving and sprinkle some chopped parsley on the top.

The Log Man Cometh

Lovely morning but quite cool, it took a while for the mist to clear. Just before 10am the bell went, the chap with the logs, a huge bag, which was quickly unloaded and stacked under the back room window.

So thats us ready for the winter, well almost I will need another few bags of coal, when it gets really cold I will burn mostly coal.

Yesterday I jointed up a chicken, took the breasts off and froze the  meat, then did the carcass in the pressure cooker, now have a pan of chicken and leek soup on the stove for lunch with soome HM bread.

DB has an appointment for a hearing test this afternoon, so I will go into Morrison and do the bit of shopping that I need from there. I also need a quick pop into Lidl on the way home.

We have fish and potato wedges for supper tonight, I am going to cook some green beans to go with it, we also have a wee bit of yesterday gratin which we will eat up and the last of the lemon sponge. I will post a photograph later in an update.


This is the last picture I am going to publish about our portion size. Our supper tonight,  breaded haddock, 7 potato wedges and half of the gratin that was left last night. We finished off the lemon sponge with a splodge of cream.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Excuse me whilst I scream

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhh....thank you.

My washing machine has had it. It stopped at exactly the same place as before and no way can I get it to drain, I have washing stuck in it. Stephan phoned me back this morning. He told me several things to try but none of it worked. I need a strong chap to help me move it to the back door, so I can unscrew the plug at the bottom and drain it, then we may have to force the door to get it open.

I cannot do anything about getting a new one until I have sorted the old one.

OH had plaps last night, it was mid morning before they went off, he is up but having an easy day. I told him he was doing too much but he never takes any notice, so he just has to get on with it.

Someone asked me about the lemon sponge yesterday.

Butter a 2 pint pudding bowl. 2 tablespoons lemon curd. Put the lemon curd into the greased pudding bowl.

3ozs, SR flour.
3 ozs castor sugar.
3 ozs margarine or butter.
2 meduim eggs.
1/2 tea sp of baking powder.

Shove everything into a mixing bowl and using an electric hand mixer mix until light. It may seem a bit stiff, so use one of the egg shells and fill it twice and pour into the mixture and beat well until its combined.

Tip it all into the bowl. I cook mine in my panasonic combi microwave. 5 1/2 minutes on medium. Otherwise cover with greased, greaseproof paper and foil and steam for an hour. 

Tonights supper is cauli and broccoli gratin with jacket spuds. I usually bake tomato's to have with it, but no toms until tomorrow.

We have more of the lemon sponge for dessert, we have enough left for tomorrow.