Monday, 21 September 2015

Wet day

It had clearly been raining when we drew the curtains this morning. Monday clean was done with help from DB. By lunchtime it was chucking it down.

I had an appointment at the hearing clinic, my hearing aid was stuffed up with wax. The techie put a new stem on it and put a new battery in, turned it up a bit and off I went. We were on our way to the Council Offices with a letter when I realised it was not working, so back to the clinic we went. I was fortunate that the techie saw me straight away, he messed about for a few minutes and all was fixed. He did say if it went again to phone and make another appointment. Fingers crossed its ok now, he has told me what I was not told in the first place to wash the ear piece out each week with soapy water and then rinse it well with clear warm water, make sure its dry before re assembling the ear piece.

Off then to the library to get more books and then for DB's INR, he has to go back in a month.

At home I found a form from the DVLC with a questionnaire about my pacemaker, so I filled it in and signed it and off to the post Office to post it and draw the housekeeping money and our monthly pocket money.

By now the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, I have lit the fire, although the sun is out its quite cold.

DB saw the chap who is going to lay our turf, he is coming towards the end of the week as long as the weather is ok. So we will have a piece of flat grass to have the table and chairs on, maybe not this summer but certainly next.


  1. Mom had the same issue with the hearing aid person not telling her all she needed to know about maintenance. She had to return and then find out about cleaning, etc. when she had problems. Ana usa

  2. What a busy and accomplish-full day you and DB had so hope you can put your feet up this evening and perhaps some tomorrow, too.

    My mother had the same situation with her hearing aid and never did get the hang of its care due to her Alzheimer's. Oddly, once she lost her marbles, she seemed to hear without difficulty.

    We need some of your rain, please and thank you. Today is cloudy and cool but there's only a slight chance of rain.



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