Saturday, 12 September 2015

Well Crackered

With DD1 and DSIL due this afternoon I have been busy. DB brought me my breakfast in bed, then he went off to get more manure.

I made a ring of scones and started on preparing the lunch, sausage mash and baked beans. Put the Thimbleberries quilt out on the whirly to air, gave it a bashing with a piece of wood from the shed, lots of dust out, so it does look better. If we get a decent day in October I will give it a whirl in the washer. Its been finished 10 years now and never been washed, it has sat on the back of the settee for most of its life.

Emptied the dresser and rolled up the rug from in front of the fire, do not want any falls or trips.

Made an apple crumble to have for dessert and cooked the lunch which we have just eaten, I am pooped!! Will be having an hour on said settee before DD1 comes. DB is off down to the bowls club, its the last day of the season, so the finals of the competitions are being played, so he is going down to watch for an hour or so.

Once DD has gone the stuff will get put back in the dresser. might re-arrange it a bit anyway. I will also have to re hang Grandmas picture.

I have the pacemaker clinic on Tuesday, see what they have to say this time....could be interesting...............should I take my jammies with me or not?

Time to have a Nana nap before DB takes off........

DD1 and DSIL have been and gone, furniture moved......

 Settee now faces the fire, ready for the winter, all cosy.

Dresser in its new home with DB's chair at the side of it.


  1. Glad that DB is back to his normal self and he is very good about bringing you your breakfast in bed. Can't say my other half has ever done that.

    You are well prepared for your daughter and hubby to move your furniture. Take your time with tweaking it.

    I do hope you get taken care of properly on Tuesday at the pacemaker clinic and not given the brush off.

    All the best.

  2. Wishing you well on the upheaval and extra work moving furniture causes but I'm sure your thoughts about this will assure it's a good arrangement for the wintertime and perhaps year around. It will be lovely to have this finished, eh?!

    Your home must smell delicious with all of that yummy baking. Nice!

    AMIL's pacemaker checks were always no big deal, done by unbuttoning a button or two so they could put a magnet-like thing on her shoulder to "query" the pacemaker. Perhaps you should take jammies since there is uncertainty about the pacing wire placement.


  3. Really like how you have re-arranged your lounge. My dad was a joiner and he made me a small armchair when I was small. Not being a big man he could also fit into this chair, and I have vivid memories of him sitting in my chair . . . fast asleep! My mum and I used to pull the settee and chairs right up to the fire and sit all comfy during Winter. The nice thing about the prefabs was their storage facilities and there used to be three drawers right on the wall where your hubby's chair is now. Metal drawers that held all my mum's knitting and sewing Oh, and the occasional mouse. I know it is none of my business but I think your new look makes the lounge look really finished off. Love xxx

  4. Nice!! Oh, your sitting room looks so very pleasant and pretty in the new arrangement and just perfect for the months ahead!

    We've had 45 min. of wind and torrential rain so all the world here is awash and humid to the max. No complaints from me, tho.

    Wishing you sweet dreams and good rest after a job well done!


  5. Your room looks very spacious and attractive.


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