Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I managed to sleep through OH getting up, he brought my breakfast through. He was out in the garden when I got up.

Busy morning, I made a macaroni cheese for tonight, 6 small custard tarts. I had made too much custard so also filled 4 small glass dishes, we can have it with Banana.

Large pot of leek soup and a loaf of bread on for tomorrow.

After lunch we went back down to the orchard for some more apples. I am starting to put 4 weeks food away against us not being able to get out if the predicted snow comes. No point in taking risks if we don't need to. I will order some more coal and logs at the end of the month.

Collected another bag of apples, peeled and part cooked some of them, they are now coolong in containers, the just need the lids and labels on when they have cooled down.

DB also got another bowl full of blackberries, so plenty of pies coming up.


  1. How nice for you to get back to normal life, busy with planning, cooking, and baking!

    Your home must smell lovely with the fragrances of cooked apples, the loaf of bread, and leek soup. Bliss!

    It's sunny and in the mid-80s*F here and in a little while I'm off to the library.


  2. You are both doing so well and snow or not a good idea to have plenty in for the coming winter.

    Is there a bus stop close by if you needed to get out and didn't want to drive?

  3. so smart to plan on having just enough supplies to be able to stay in when the weather is bad. Then it is a choice and not a requirement. plus you own prepared food is so much better. I suspect we could live out of the freezer but Bob always wants to go out and about. Ana USA


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