Tuesday, 8 September 2015


A very dull day, it started bright but soon deteriorated, we did have a slight shower at lunchtime.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning. I did the ironing from yesterday and then decided to make a 3 dudes block for the group to try and conquer. Conquer is the right word, you have to be methodical when making it or it can go very wrong!!

There are several ways you can join the blocks together, its fun seeing which one you like best.

Will be lighting the fire again tonight, its a bit parky. It did go much better last night, just made it up once and it was still slightly warm when I cleared it out this morning. I just need some kind souls to come and help us to move the furniture round so I can sit in front of the fire and toast my toes.

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  1. Don't you love quilt blocks that can be turned this way and that way to make combinations that look very different from each other? The fabrics you used are so pretty, too.

    Hope your family can rally around to get that furniture moved very soon.

    I'm about to have a nap as I wore myself out this morning, but with lupus fatigue, I didn't accomplish all that much before I was shattered.



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