Friday, 11 September 2015


DB announced he had palpitations last night, needless to say he slept ok, me, well forget it. I think it was well after 4am before I drifted off, so not up early this morning.

DB still had the palps and then developed the dizzies, so was in bed till after lunch.

I did the Friday clean, cleaned out the fridge and washed the kitchen floor, shattered now.

Bright day but with a nice breeze.

Chap came last night with our winnings from the show, all £2.50 of it, along with the list of all the winners. DB had his £1, no idea what he is going to spend it on.....mine is in the penny tin.

Fish, wedges and peas for supper, there is enough of the apple sponge for dessert.


  1. Bother! I'm so sorry your sleep is disturbed for hours after DB awakens you in the night. Would it help for you to go sleep on the couch?

    Wonder why DB suddenly had both long lasting palps and then the dds? Did he forget to take his medicine or is his bowling strenuous enough that the medicine cannot handle it?

    Hope you had a restful arvo after finishing that workout and perhaps a Nana nap. Will you take some lovely pill to help you sleep well tonight? That might be a good idea.

    Big hugs!

  2. Why don't you either have separate beds or even bedrooms. Honestly, I had a stroke in 2006 and since then I sleep dreadfully. Nightmares; have to have a light on, have to have a window open. Then I am up and down some nights, reading, getting up to watch TV. I would not wish myself on anyone, so decided that one of us deserved a good nights sleep and so I sleep in the second bedroom. I can have the light, window open and get up and down as I like. Think about it. Much love xxx


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