Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Village Show

Today was the village show. Its usually held in the village hall but as the hall was already booked the Baptist Church in the village kindly lent their marquee.

We went down early to put in our exhibits, 5 photographs, 4 for DB and one of mine and I also entered the friend ship quilt.

We went back after lunch to see what had won prizes:

First prize for DB with this photograph of a Canadian Soldier on the War Memorial in Princes Street Gardens.

The dovecot at Phanatisse in East Lothian. a second for me in the class.

I was busy looking to see what, if anything, our photographs had got when DB said, 'come and look at your quilt'. There was a red label on it a first prize, but also best in the class and Best in Show!! I was speechless.

I came home with these

Its the first time I have even entered a village show of any description. In the village for just over 2 months and I walked away with best in show. I was asked by some ladies who wanted to see the quilt opened up if I would join the local Women's Institute!! Not so sure about that!! We have £2.50 in prize money to come as well.

The Friendship quilt is very special to me, some of the fabrics came from my friend Barbara in the US. My quilting guru cotton reel did the applique for the top and it was machine quilted by Aileen Bunker in Eyemouth. Really all I did was put the strips together.

It was dull and a very cool 8c when we got up but has turned into a glorious day, sun shining and quite warm.

Loaf on and the lamb is in the oven for supper, I need to come down off cloud nine.


  1. Anne
    All your work is beautiful and very worthy of first prize and best in show - Congratulations xxx

  2. Congratulations! Great result for a sunny Sunday!

  3. Well done to you both. I love the photographs and the quilt looks exquisite. Love xxx

  4. I am your almost daily reader from near Toledo, Ohio. Your writings let me learn about everyday life in your area and I thank you. How exciting for you and DB to place so nicely in your Village Show. Ellen

  5. Well done, congratulations on your wins.
    I really liked all your exhibits, especially the quilt.
    Will you have to polish those cups for a year?
    Small price to pay for your well deserved wins.
    Pam in TX.xx

  6. Congratulations! That a wonderful win!!

  7. Well done on your wins at the Show. I have entered in a small local show in the past and got a couple of Thirds for some scones and a bunch of herbs! No cup like you have. That is great and an excellent introduction to your new community. Ann x

  8. Joy, joy, and thunderous applause at all the prizes and wins for each of you, too!! How very exciting! Enjoy the view from Cloud 9 as it's well deserved!!!!

    Was your quilt shown as it's folded in the picture? I had wonderful how they'd have hanging rods available when they had no clue what would be entered until this morning. When I was a new quilter, I went to one county fair where the quilts were all folded and in a glass case. It was so disappointing when I was there to see the quilts. I know the ladies who got to see your Friendship Braid quilt unfolded were thrilled. It is a lovely quilt and am tickled pink that a few of my fabrics are in it! :)

    Happy hugs!

  9. Well done!! Congratulations to you both on your winning entries in the village show!

  10. Big Congrats to you both! Your entree's were gorgeous and the winners cups were lovey too!

  11. I would love to see that quilt spread out so that we can admire the full effect of all the work that has gone into it (hint hint) .... it really does look beautiful from what I can see. Congrats!

  12. Congratulations on all your wins. Don't let all that prize money go to your head will you. It sounds like a lovely village to live in

  13. Well done Edwin for your photos.

    Anne, justly deserved your work is so beautifully executed and it is a lovely quilt. Why not joint the WI - it is a fantastic organisation I used to be secretary of one of the Local WI's in the Fens. Following a family tradition as my grandmother was a founder member in the village where she lived during the war and fought tooth and nail to get the group established to help everyone get the best out of what they had. I think you have an awful lot to offer a group such as the WI. Do you have a new quilt on the go at the moment or are you just preparing squares for your group to tackle. Hope you are feeling better and getting there.

    How is Cotton Reel - please pass on my best wishes to her when you see her next. I hope she is still managing to do her quilting.

    Love to you and Edwin.




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