Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Thank Heavens

The problem with the washer was not terminal. The chap has repaired it, but he did say he did not know how long oit would last, so I need to start saving for a  new washer at some point. The laundry that was stuck in it has been re-washed and is now out on the line, dancing in the breeze we have which is keeping the temperature down despite the sun.

We decided to do to Aldi at Grantham and do the shopping. OH changed his appointment to next week when he has to be in toen anyway.

Aldi was very busy, much as usual, it was quite a shock when we got the bill, but I have been using stuff from the store cupboard which we needed to replace and I have also started the winter stores as well. The lady on the till told us that the store in Bingham, which is only 7 miles from here, is to open before March next year. Work has already started to clear the site.

Supper is prepped OH is in the garden. I am going to have half an hour with a book, get my breath back, so to speak.

There will be some pictures appearing on the blog of plates of food, if you read the comments from yesterday you will see why.

Todays offering is sausage and bean casserole, with mash, carrots and calebrese. Dessert is a steamed lemon sponge with some cream.

No idea why its done this, we do not eat dessert before our main course. Steamed lemon sponge.

Two small portions of the sponge. The left over pudding will be used tomorrow and friday. I cover the pudding with an upturned pudding bowl, keep it in the fridge, 1 minute in the micro on medium and its reheated.

Main course, 2 ice cream scoops of mashed potato, carrots and calebrese 2 sausages, cooked with some left over bean salad. Sauce is stock cube, chopped garlic and tomato puree.

One way to cut down what you eat is to use a smaller plate, that way your brain thinks there is more food there because the plate is smaller.

I will post pictures of our suppers for the next few nights.


  1. Why does other people's food always look delicious, probably because it is. Yes, it is an excellent way to fool the brain to use a smaller plate. That helping looks just perfect for you both, just enough and nicely presented. We have just had a new Aldi and it opened at the beginning of the year. It is never too busy so it is perfect for just popping in and topping up. Much love, Andie xxx

  2. Yummy looking foods and since lunch was long ago, you've made me hungry!

    Cheers that your washing machine is fixed for now and the cloths were rewashed in time to dry in the sunshine. Hope the washer lasts for many years to come.

    Today was sunny, breezy and nearly hot and I made a run to the grocery and the library. We're keeping our eye on Hurricane Joaquin and hope it stays far our at sea.


  3. We always use smaller plates and that lemon pud looks lovely maybe we could have the recipe as lemon is my favorite:0

  4. Greetings from the US. I took your advice on the smaller plates ..... I was able to come by 5 smaller dinner plates so it didn't cost me anything YAY!! .... tell you what I do love: the ice cream scoops of mashed spud! Don't know why, but I have a difficult time controlling myself around the mashed potatoes. From now on I will be using our ice cream scooper. That's a great idea. Thanks for posting the pics of your portion sizes :)


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