Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sunny Day

Lovely sunny morning, the sitting room and front bedroom were quite warm in the sun.

2 loads of laundry done and just about dry on the whirly. DB has spent most of the day pottering in he garden and cutting the back lawn.

Leek and potato soup made for lunch we had it with garlic bread. 

DD2 arrived just before 11am, DGD has not broken her foot but has stretched the ligaments and got soft tissue damage, so is at home with her foot up. That's twice this month she has ended up at the hospital.

It was good to have DD2 here catching up on the news and about her job. She went back on the bus just before 3pm for an appointment in town.

Now it has turned a bit chilly, may have to close the back door, but will put off lighting the fire for a couple of hours. I made a beef casserole yesterday, so supper tonight is beef casserole with sage dumpling, green beans and cauliflower. When we have dumpling I do not do potato's.

I have been asked to put up the recipes for the bacon and tomato sauce and also the leek and potato soup, bear with me, I will put a new page up with them on. I must admit although trained as a chef, I do tend to chuck things in the pan and hope.......

Need to check my things for tomorrow, there will only be 5 in the class, We were down to 8 members and 3 of them are away on holiday. It will be the first time I have driven since I came out of hospital.

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  1. Happy sunny day and smelling-fresh laundry as you hoped since you missed yesterday's drying weather.

    Cheers that you're posting those yummy recipes. Ta, too!

    How perfect that your bungalow is handy to the bus route that not on take you and DB to town and shops but also provide transportation for DD2. Wishing DGD well on that painful ankle.

    Have fun with your quilting class tomorrow,

    It's still in the 70s*F here and that is sheer bliss. Yesterday I picked up the first perfectly colorful autumn leaf from our driveway.

    Am off soon on errands to the grocery and the library.



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